Huge bills and surprise fees are common anxieties when travelling with a smartphone abroad,

but mobile providers are putting those fears to rest with their comprehensive lines of services to

make your trip as smooth and affordable as possible. You should be able to call home, share

pictures of your journey, look up destinations, and navigate to them as easy and affordably as

possible, without stressing out over a monstrous bill waiting at home. Whether you’re using the

latest smartphone from Samsung like the Galaxy S6 edge to snap a picture, or navigating the city

with your tablet, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing money. A smartphone is an

indispensable tool when in a new city, and can help you keep your stress level low while you

travel through the use of the huge variety of travel apps.


Before you head out on your trip, give your network provider a quick call to figure out which

service package is right for you and your adventure. Representatives can guide you through the

process of selecting just what you need, while also giving you tips to save even more money on

your travels by utilizing such services as airplane mode and WiFi calling. The following guide

can also help you figure out exactly what you need before you call. A little bit of pre-planning is

important when you’re travelling overseas, so get exactly what you need out of your smartphone

while you’re off on your next adventure. Doesn’t it sound like time to book that dream trip you’ve

always wanted to take?

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