Tel Aviv Sunset, Israel

photo via Ron Shoshani on Flickr

In the recent years, Israel has become a popular destination among lots of travelers who are visiting her sites despite the political problems we hear about from time to time.

One of the major reasons for it is the fact that it is a picturesque place. Apart from this, it is holy to the three major religions of the world – Christianity, Islam as well as Judaism. However, in the recent times, a lot of couples are also visiting this country in order to celebrate their honeymoon! Thus, you can understand that not only historical places but this country is also full of romantic places.

For romantic couples, Israel is a place for stargazing over Mitzpe Ramon. This is the best romantic location in the country. All over the world, it is known for its desert surroundings. The starry skies make it a wonderful place during the night time. You will also find the world’s largest natural erosion crater here which also makes Mitzpe Ramon one of the best romantic getaway spots in Israel. If you reach this place in the evening with the services of car rental Israel, make sure to watch the sun set just behind the dunes. Then, you should make sure that you go for a night astronomy tour of the place. You are not going to forget the lovely scene in the near future! You will be able to find the constellations here. Apart from this, couples will be able to take a look at the bright stars and also explore a range of celestial marvels. Apart from this, you will also experience the other wonders of the sky! You can also go for free star tour.

Another popular romantic destination in Israel is the Wohl Rose Park in Jerusalem. It should be noted that all over the world, rose has been considered the symbol of love for ages. Israel is known to produce the best variety of roses in the world. So, there is nowhere better than the lovely Wohl Rose Garden in Jerusalem. Just take a stroll through this garden with your partner and rejuvenate your love! As you walk along the path, you will be able to pass through 15,000 rose bushes. It is said that the garden has more than 400 varieties of roses. Thus, you can well understand that this place will be one of the most romantic ways to celebrate your love. You will also find secluded benches all throughout the garden. These are aimed at helping couples to spend some undisturbed time!

While you are in Jerusalem don’t miss  Jerusalem’s Old City. Take a night stroll of this city and never forget to visit the Tower of David Museum. The night view is spectacular. The whole atmosphere is lovely and romantic. However, there is nothing better than the Tower of David Museum.  Don’t miss out the sunset from the top of the citadel. Also, you should make sure to enjoy the night show of breathtaking sound and light show. For the show, the light is directly projected onto the 3,000-year-old walls. As you take a stroll through the ancient stone ramparts of the museum, the intimate nook and corners will provide you with a romantic getaway! Yes, you are right – the best place to kiss your love!

The El Mona Garden is another romantic location in Israel for couples. The rented car will help you visit this place. This garden is well known for its countless flowers, lovely waterfall, mosaic artwork, fruit trees, and wooden as well as stone sculptures. Apart from this, the garden is also known for its secluded corners that can encourage romantic rendezvous. Over three generations, a local family has taken care of this garden. They welcome all visitors to stroll through the garden. A local family has tended to this delightful garden for over three generations and welcomes visitors to stroll around the garden. In the recent times, this garden has come up as a site for pre-wedding photography for every ethnicity – Jews, Christians, Druze and Muslims.

Of late, traveling through Israel has also become quite easier. This is mainly because of the car rental service in Israel. The car rental companies offer different types of cars at best prices for you to travel all throughout the country. You will get small cars, medium sized cars as well as big cars depending upon the number of people in your group. Normally, for couples, a small car is ideal – This way you will save money and still have the ability to travel without depending in the public transportation 

So, what are you waiting for? Next time, when you plan a vacation, travel to Israel and enjoy these romantic destinations!