This post is brought to you by Fotor. 

All photography lovers know editing will make or break a photo. Even with the best camera and the most perfect angles, most photos need that last finishing touch to really capture the beauty of the moment behind the picture. You might be surprised to know that you don’t need to spend a fortune on a photo editor to get the most creative results. Who told you you can’t edit your photos like a pro? This photo editor will easily teach you how to do it!

Let us introduce you to a great online photo editor: Fotor

Fotor is an online photo editor, which also offers an AWESOME App for your iOS photos. Fotor has tons of photo editing capabilities to tackle your most essential editing needs. One of the reasons we love this editor so much is because it is so simple to use that even those with no editing knowledge can maneuver through the website and transform their photos into masterpieces.

Here are some of our favorite editing tools that Fotor offers:

Tilt Shift

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Tilt shift allows you to selectively blur parts of your image so that you can make a big impact with your photo by drawing attention to one part of your picture. Fotor allows you to choose a circular or square filter that lets you decide which parts of your picture to blur, and with what intensity to blur them. We love this feature because the dramatic contrast lets your photos make a big impact, and Fotor helps anyone, no matter their experience, easily utilize this tool.

Photo Text

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Adding text to your photos easily transforms them into unique creations. Fotor is a great editor to edit text into pictures. It lets you choose from a large collection of fonts, change the size, and color. You can layer text or change its level of transparency. This tool is simple, and easy for anyone to quickly add text into their photo.


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We love a good collage and Fotor has tools to make collage creating a no-brainer. Choose up to 13 photos in one of Fotor’s preset collage formats, and customize the dimensions of each photo to create your unique collage. You can choose your border sizes, background colors, and even round the corners of your pictures.

If you want to start editing your photos like a professional, Fotor is a great place to get started. We love how these high quality techniques are made simple to access and use by anyone. We’d definitely suggest giving Fotor a shot, and exploring with some of their creative editing tools to get you started off on the right track!