las vegas

Las Vegas is home to everything unique and extravagant, and the food is no exception. Las Vegas boasts some of the most world renown chefs and Michelin-star owners in the world. You’re bound to have some of the best eats of your life, and if you’re the adventures type, don’t worry–Las Vegas has a variety large enough you’ll be able to try something new every meal. Your  wallet may take a bit of a beating, but your taste buds are going to rejoice. We want to give you a bit of an idea what you can expect… just try not to let that drool get all over your keyboard. ;-)

“The Best Place on Earth to Eat Steak”

Las Vegas was named by the Luxury-lifestyle magazine as the best place on Earth to eat a steak—and CarneVino may be a huge part why. This traditional steakhouse inspired by chef Mario Batali features a succulent 240-day dry-aged Riserva rib eye that you will certainly regret not trying. This elegant restaurant is located smack-dab in the middle of the Palazzo—which you could probably wander around in for days just in awe of. The Palazzo is a strip that has everything from more world renown restaurants, to dazzling hotel amenities, a spa with 80 treatment rooms and a full-service salon, to a 21,000 Sq. ft. fitness center. (Not to mention an incredible nightlife scene, and oh yeah—a Lamborghini showroom and a waterfall atrium.)

Hot N’ Juicy Crawfish

Tired of all the classy fine-dining? Need a lighthearted atmosphere where you can have fun, let your guard down, and just dig into some good seafood? Hot N’ Juicy Crawfish is known for its memorably-spicy seafood. They have several locations throughout Las Vegas and boast pretty awesome reviews on Trip Advisor. Pick a seasoning and spice level, and try anything from their famous crawfish to lobster, crabs, or oysters. Their menu is simple, but everything is delicious, and the price is remarkably reasonable for such great taste. Chances are after diving into all that seafood, you’ll be in too much of a food coma to head out for entertainment afterwards. Luckily there’s this online casino to keep you entertained from the comfort of your bed.

Vegan Donuts

All of you Vegans out there: Las Vegas has not forgotten you. Ronald’s Donuts offers a wide variety of vegan options so delicious PETA themselves endorses it. They have mouth-watering cinnamon rolls, bear claws, turnovers, and their famous apple burrito—all 100% vegan. Don’t worry, you will not be forced to compromise any of your food values here. Vegas has got your back.

Dining in the Clouds

Top of the World Restaurant at the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel, and Tower is a gorgeous and delectable restaurant…844 feet in the air. We hope you’re not afraid of heights because this restaurant has been called one of the most romantic spots in Las Vegas and was voted the best gourmet restaurant in the city. It’s also the only revolving restaurant in all of Las Vegas. You’ll dine in luxury surrounded by jaw-dropping sites of the city. This is more than just dinner—it’s an experience you will likely never forget.

Las Vegas is a city full of elation, glamor, and food to-die-for. Your taste buds will surely be thanking you, but even more, you’ll walk away with unforgettable memories and experiences shared around the table with those you love the most.