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Even with all of the great things that travelling brings, we all know there are plenty of inconveniences that come with it, too. This great article byIHG® Business Advantage talks about seven things business travelers hate. We love the practical solutions offered in that article and were inspired to share a few pet peeves we have when we travel, and what to do if you find yourself in the same boat.

Five things that drive us nuts when we travel:

travel annoyances

1. Packing

I hate packing. It is one of my least favorite parts of travelling. There is that always looming fear of forgetting that one important thing you need, the stress of getting the weight correct on your checked bags, and the challenge of finding the perfect balance between too much and just enough for those carry-on bags. Somehow I always end up stressing out the night before a big trip trying to finalize those last packing details, and still end up lugging around way too much and forgetting something. The more I travel, the more I realize the importance of travelling light–and the good news is that there is plenty of help out there for those of you that need something to get you started on how to pack smart. Check out this easy-to-read article on tips to make the most of your packing.

2. Lost Luggage

Nothing is quite like that sinking feeling you get when that last bag has circled the baggage claim belt one-too-many times and you realize yours just may not be coming next. Lost baggage is an absolute pain, especially if you didn’t pack those essential items in your carry-on. But you may be relieved to know that 80% of lost bags are returned to their owners with 48 hours.

3. Ending up at a lousy hotel


Even if you do your research on hotels and reviews for them, occasionally you end somewhere totally different than what you were expecting. You don’t want to find yourself standing in the lobby of a hotel you thought would be a winner, only to find out that it is far from what you expected. Joining a rewards program, such as one with InterContinental Hotels Group, may help you avoid this problem.

4. Collecting Too Many Receipts

travel annoyances 2

We literally have a massive zip lock bag full of receipts from our travels. They are completely disorganized, and come tax season, it is going to be a total pain to go through and make sense of it all. Yet we just keep accumulating receipts and throwing them in that bag all the same! IHG® Business Advantage looks like a convenient solution to dealing with receipts, instead providing a simple solution for hotel expenses. 

5. Getting sick far from home

Getting sick can put a quick end to all of the travel adventure and excitement. Make sure to do your homework on travel insurance before heading to a different country. You want to make sure you have access to the medical assistance you need so that you don’t end up spending that vacation in your hotel room.

Don’t let these inconveniences stop you from making the most of your travelling. There are plenty of options to help you get what you need and avoid all of these annoyances! We definitely suggest utilizing all of these services so that you can breeze through this travelling thing like a pro.