Vietnam Traffic


Vietnam is easily one of our favorite and most memorable countries for its effortless chaos, natural beauty, and incredibly yummy food!   The above photo captures the daily life of the Vietnamese people during rush hour in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest metropolis.  As you can see from the image, motorbikes dominate much of the roads.  Motorbikes, scooters, or cyclos, whatever name they may go by, is the chosen mode of transportation for both their convenience and practicality.  Often a family will share a single motorbike for both commuting and business, and so it’s not unusual to see 3-4 family members hanging onto one scooter, or even baskets, rice sacks, or water bottles stacked 6 ft high onto the back of a motorbike.  It’s certainly a stark contrast from more developed countries, but it’s a distinct part of Vietnam’s many charms.


usI am an aspiring scuba diver, novice spelunker, ghost hunter and avid adventurer.  I have a penchant for always getting lost and have an uncanny ability to always choose the worst places to eat.  I traded in the suit for a backpack and now, with Dao, my wife and partner-in-crime, we are pursuing to live a life of travel. We have a healthy aversion to staying in one place for too long, and are the ceaseless wanderers and explorers. We travel to learn, we travel to live and we travel in search of the epic adventure.





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