Hello, all! It’s been a while since we took a moment on the blog to share what we’re up to and where we’re headed. But since we’re hopping on a plane this weekend, we decided now would be the perfect time to update you on what you can expect from A Cruising Couple in the upcoming months! If this doesn’t interest you, then come back next week when we’ll be featuring a fantastic guest post on Leon, Nicaragua. :)

If you’re following along on Facebook or Instagram, then you know that we’re currently housesitting outside San Jose, Costa Rica. We’re here taking care of eleven dogs and one cat, so it’s been a bit of a zoo…in a good way.


House sitting Costa Rica

Imperial in Costa Rica


This will likely be our last house-sitting gig for a while, though. After talking about it for the past many, many months, we’ve decided to commit to having one single home base for at least a year. We’ll likely be writing a whole post that dives into the why of it, but we are trying to find a better balance in our life. While we love traveling, it turns out we miss having time and stability to grow our business, invest in hobbies and build relationships. Costa Rica seems to have a way with us. We already have the pup, and now we’ve purchased a jeep to better explore the country, so for the time being, it looks like San Isidro is where we’ll be calling “home” come September. More on this to come :)


Jack perro

A Cruising Couple Jeep


In the meantime, we promised exciting travel plans, and exciting travel plans we have! For the next six weeks, we’re going to be busy island hopping in Greece and then road tripping through Turkey!




Photo by Maggie Meng via Flickr CC


We try to use frequent flier miles as often as we can when we travel, but unfortunately, that means sometimes we have to split up on flights to take advantage of miles with different airlines. That’s the case with this trip, so I leave on Saturday evening and Dan jets off Sunday morning. The good news is I found a crazy awesome deal on a Business Class flight (which Dan generously didn’t fight me over), so I’ll be sipping on champagne the whole way to Athens!

With the economic crisis going on, we’ve received a lot of warranted comments questioning if now is the best time to travel to Greece. From what we’ve heard from travelers actually on the ground, tourists haven’t been affected yet. We have heard to bring plenty of cash, and we’ll be keeping you updated on what it’s like from our perspective on social media. No matter what, this is our first trip to Greece, and we’re crazy excited to finally explore this beautiful country :)

We’ll be spending a few day in Athens, a week in Santorini (Dan’s photographing a yoga teacher training while we’re there), and then island hopping around the Dodecanese. If you’ve been to any of these regions, let us know your top tips and tricks!



Istanbul !
Photo by Emanuele UbOldi via Flickr CC


After we’ve had our fill of the Greek sunshine, we’ll be taking a ferry from Samos to Turkey! Our schedule is quite loose, but it looks like it will include a road trip from the Aegean Sea to Cappadocia, sleeping in a castle, hot air ballooning, and of course plenty of time to soak up the highlights of Istanbul.

Again, due concerns at the Turkish border, we weren’t sure if now was the best time to visit Turkey. But many travelers and locals responded to our concerns telling us to COME! We won’t be in Turkey until August, and everything is flexible, but for the time being, that’s where we’re headed.

We’ve been around and around and around trying to finalize which destinations we wanted to visit with our limited timeframe. Initially, we hoped to have time to explore even more of Greece, Albania, and Macedonia. While it doesn’t look like that will be possible on this trip, we are already planning a return visit to explore more of the Mediterranean—that means lots of additional juicy travels are coming your way!

In the meantime, we’re still sharing stories from the amazing two weeks we spent exploring Nicaragua. We’re also planning on writing a lot more about Costa Rica since this is very quickly becoming the destination we know the most about! If you have a particular question or topic you’d like us to cover on the blog in the upcoming month, feel free to drop us a line and let us know!

Thanks so much for sticking with us! We’ve been a bit quiet the past few months as we took the much needed time to invest in our other business pursuits, but now we’re back at it and looking forward to sharing in many more adventures together!

Have you been to Greece or Turkey? What travel tips do you have for us? We would be forever grateful if you shared any and all tips in the comments below!