There are few places we have visited as beautiful as Scandinavia. We didn’t know what to expect before our trip to Sweden, Finland and Norway. But we had found super inexpensive flight tickets and we were hoping the transportation savings would buffer the price of visiting some of the costliest countries in the world. What we found in the end were admittedly expensive destinations, but unimaginably stunning ones at that.

Stockholm Sunday Snapshot

First there was the romantic architecture in Stockholm. The long afternoons spent sipping coffee and eating cinnamon rolls, watching the boats pass by on the rivers below. Then there was Finland, mixing modernity and tradition in the riveting capital of Helsinki. And of course Norway, with its picturesque fjords, almost too lovely to be true.

It’s already been almost a year since we were in Europe, and we are aching to return once more. This time we are thinking of a Baltic cruise from Saga Travel. It will be a chance to experience magical destinations like Estonia—a World Heritage Site that still remains off-the-beaten-track from the typical tourist trail.


And then of course there is St Petersburg, an enchanting city teeming with history and culture. We’ve always wanted to experience this architectural gem, and take a step back in time with a visit to the historical museums or a ballet. And we’ve heard that visiting St Petersburg on a cruise also means we get to avoid the long and arduous process of applying for a Russian visa!

Finally, there’s Copenhagen, a city that we didn’t get to visit on our last trip to Scandinavia. It is often considered to be the gateway to the Baltic, and we would love a chance to visit the capital of ‘the world’s happiest country’. There’s also great food, design, and people—even more reasons to love the cool capital.

We’re still learning all of the awesome reasons to take a Baltic cruise, but this article by the Independent is providing tons of inspiration. We love the extra exploration tips that are provided!

Hopefully we’ll get our chance to experience a Baltic cruise firsthand! In the meantime, have you  been to the Baltic or any of these destinations listed above? What advice would you offer?