Manhattan Skyline

Often we forget just how lucky we are to be from such a huge and diverse country. Though our nature is to want to get out and travel as far as possible, there are so many things to see and do right in our own backyard! We always meet people on our travels who have yet to visit the United States and want our advise on the top things to do. Our first word of advice is to take a road trip! Public transportation isn’t the best in the U.S., but by taking a road trip you’ll have the freedom to explore both the cities and rural landscapes that make the country so special. If you need an electronic travel authorization, then applying for your ESTA online is an easy way to go. Once you have your documents and your car ready, it’s time for the trip of a lifetime! Here are a few of our favorite states to visit:

North Carolina: Our home state doesn’t get a lot of press, but we think it’s absolutely lovely. Between the beaches on the outer banks to the gorgeous mountains and America’s largest home in Asheville, there is plenty in the Tarheel state to keep you busy.

Las Vegas: Whether or not you’re a big gambler, Las Vegas is sure to be a highlight of your visit to the United States. There’s tons of entertainment, nightlife, cuisine, and even outdoor adventures to be had all at your fingertips. And of course, a game or two of roulette is always fun!

California: How can you not love California, a state filled with sunshine, wine, beaches, skiing, cool towns…everything you could ask for! If you only visit a few places in California, we recommend a stop in San Diego, San Fransisco, and driving Highway One through Big Sur.

New York: NYC is absolutely magical, and everyone should visit at least once in their life. Experience the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Broadway…the list goes on and on! There’s plenty to do in the state outside of NYC as well, so don’t feel confined to the concrete jungle.

Colorado: There’s a reason why people in Colorado tend to be healthy and fit. Climbing, hiking skiing, and being outdoors is a way of life. Add cool college towns and great beer to the mix, and you have one awesome state that warrants a ton of exploration!