Planning an upcoming vacation, I sought something new and different versus a Caribbean cruise or sun-kissed destination with thousands of other tourists.  I wanted to embrace my love of nature while satiating my wild side and interest in extreme sports and activity.

White-Water Rafting

There’s nothing like white-water rafting.  It combines the peacefulness of a dead man’s float with rugged rapids, cragged rocks, and enough rough spots to keep me on the edge of my raft seat.

The White Water Rafting Centre, located on the Rouge River, is one of the top-ten places for whitewater rafting in North America.  It’s not a one-experience-fits-all place.  I did my research and called ahead to book a package that includes kayaking too.

Zip Lining

Like base jumping and extreme activities, those of my mom’s era don’t understand my generation’s interest in unnatural positions and places.  Man may have evolved from apes but zip lining definitely comes more natural for our hairier ancestors.  However, those who are brave and balanced enough, view the Mont Tremblant landscape from a completely different perspective while gliding across treetops.

Divided in four, courses vary in difficulty.  This is my first time going, so though I am sure to master courses easy enough for minors, I’m not sure if I’ll have what it takes to finish the most difficult trials. When else could I pay to be suspended, going from tree to tree from twenty-five to sixty feet in the air?

Via Ferrata

I have done some rock climbing but I enjoy the opportunity to scale rock at a leisurely pace, so I can inspect rock faces and enjoy the majestic scenery.  Safely clipped to a cable, I maneuver over rock faces and built-in beams and bridges to get the best views of the surrounding mountain range.  There are two roads to go by, the excursion and grande viree, the latter taking five hours and two hours longer.


I’m a sucker for learning new things.  I booked a Fireman’s Tour, which begins at the base of Mont Tremblant, a short distance from  Tremblant rentals.   The guide educates about the forest and environment while those in showshoes catch glimpse of deer, porcupines, and (maybe) bears.  Among other visitors, I was joined by locals of all ages, including small children.

Ice Climbing

Most avoid ice in the winter, but climbers embrace the frozen exterior and scale cliffs and mountains regardless of ice and snow.  The mountain sport school teaches basic techniques and all guides are certified.  An initiation program invites those with zero experience while experienced professionals guide seasoned climbers over rougher terrain.


I have to plan a bachelor party for my brother in a few months, and after reading about paintball at Mont Tremblant, I believe I’ve found a great place to spend a few testosterone-fueled hours.  With fifteen different playgrounds, the paintball centre is the place for group activities and stag parties.

I got tired just reading about all the extreme activity opportunities at Mont Tremblant.  Aside from the upcoming bachelor party, I have to consider who to invite on a different excursion there to ice climb, zip line, snowshoe, etc.


Louise Ziegler is an avid outdoorswoman who has recently returned from Mont Tremblant. An avid writer, she likes sharing her adventures on the web. You can read her articles on sports, vacation and travel blogs.