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When I arrived to Benin, I had no idea that the floating village of Ganvie existed. I was really amazed when I saw this village built on stilts in the middle of the water several miles from the nearest shoreline. This is the biggest community living on water in the world, and the village has over 20.000 citizens that do everything from their wooden canoes. Shopping, transporting, socializing and working. This village is really a testimony that we people can adapt to everything. Even living on water.

bunadnorge2Hi! I’m Hanne. A twenty-something travel junkie from Norway. So far, I have been to over 50 countries. Still, many more to go! At http://www.placespeoplestories.com, I focus more on the not so obvious, and share stories and experiences about places I have been and people I have met during 5 years of travels.