After the 2002 Winter Olympics, I grew more interested in Park City, Utah.  Yes, I knew of the majestic mountains and fresh air, but I’m not much of a skier.  However, I am an avid golfer and the area is quickly becoming a hotspot for fanatics like me.

I discovered that the area joined the nation’s fervor for golf as it offers a number of courses that are close driving range of the airport.  I am currently in the process of convincing a number of friends and family members to take the trip.

Private versus Public

A friend told me to make note of the public and private courses regarding accessibility.  Some courses are only open to members or guests.  Public courses proliferate in the Park City area but those who have the dollars or opportunity to play at private clubs soon find the Rockies full of golf allure.

Prestige Worldwide

Aside from amateurs and seasoned zealots, a number of pros make way to the Park City area.  Jack Nicklaus has designed two courses, one called Painted Valley.  While a private, Promontory’s other course accepts limited play from outsiders.  Yet, that’s a rarity; the area continues to add posh courses including Glenwild and Tuhaye, both prestigious and private.  I recently read of Jack Nicklaus’ return regarding another project called Red Ledges.

Average Joe

I have graced the greens of some classy spots but I’m an average Joe when it comes to ritzy clubs or prestigious memberships.  However, I don’t have to worry about limited access to private clubs while in Park City; Mountain Dell, with 36 holes of public accessible golf, rests west of Park City.  Additionally, east of Park City, I can grab game in the town of Heber, which is home to five separate golf options.

Car Rental

I have yet to decide whether to rent a car for the weekend or take advantage of a new car share program popular in the city.  I can rent a car for one hour or up to three days as an alternative to traditional rental options.  In addition to free bus systems and walking, it’s another convenient travel option.

Mind the Time

I will be smart about this trip to Park City regarding time and season.  A round of golf can take a lot longer than usual during popular times.  In addition to tools to assess how long it takes to walk, drive, or bike to sought destinations, I’ll speak to a travel agent about off times and periods of the year when it’s cheaper to book flights and the best Park City, Utah lodging.

The Whole Gang

I can bring friends, family members, and even my aunt Thelma who needs a wheelchair without worrying about them.  In addition to lodging options for one or many, a number of hotels and transportation companies accommodate elders and those with special needs.  Since I don’t ski, I can spend more time golfing yet won’t worry about friends and family members with nothing to do or nowhere to go.

Ken Strickland is an avid outdoorsman who loves to travel. When he gets home, he enjoys sharing his adventures by blogging online. Look for his posts on a number of vacation, travel and sports websites and blogs.