We all know that any kind of travel which involves kids can be difficult. Tears, tantrums, overtiredness, a dawn chorus of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ It can be enough to put even the calmest of people into a total stress meltdown!


When it comes to holidays, you don’t want to spend the getting from A to B part of it with your head about to explode and your nerves on edge, so it’s sensible to make the day as easy and stress-free as possible, with a few added extras to enhance your travel plans.


Photo by Susana Fernandez via Flickr

Think ahead

Keeping little minds occupied is perhaps the best way to make sure boredom doesn’t creep in too soon, so think ahead for activities and ideas to distract from the waiting. Films are always a good idea, so if you have a portable DVD player, take a few DVDs with you, or download films and games onto your iPad to pass the time. Remember chargers and back up batteries!


Airport hotels

Staying the night at the airport the night before you depart is a great way to starve off overtiredness, due to having to get up extremely early for a flight. You can easily bundle your airport parking spot together with your hotel for a great price, and you’re exactly where you need to be, without having to worry about getting to the terminal door on time. You will also arrive much calmer and more together than you would if you’d dashed down the motorway that very morning! I have stayed at many of the hotels near Manchester Airport and I can certainly vouch for the level of service I received every time. Look into what is available at your departure airport by checking AirportHotels.com, where you will find great rates and choice.


Keep the routine going

We all know that when children are out of their routine they become ratty, sometimes a little naughty, and it takes longer to get them settled again. Whilst it’s not possible to keep things normal when travelling, it is possible to try and instil a bit of a routine into the day in places. Picking a flight with good departure and arrival times will help, but this isn’t always possible. I find heading to a restaurant in the airport and having a proper, sit down family meal is the best way to make sure everyone eats something nutritious and filling, rather than snacking on fast food and crisps all day, simply because it’s easier to grab food on the go.


Over-excitement means time will drag for the kids, so keep this in mind, stay as calm and collected as possible, and try and look forward to the family fun you’ll have on your next holiday.