Update: It’s now been almost two years that we’ve called Costa Rica home! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see live photos of what life is like here. There tends to be lots of photos of our adorable (and much larger) pets, too :) 


It’s been about a week since we arrived in Costa Rica, and so far, things are pretty darn awesome. We’re set up at a cool and quiet rental in Platanillo. It’s simple, but we’re surrounded by jungle and have a beautiful hiking path just on the other side of our fence. In 15 minutes we can be on the beach in Dominical. The whole drive down is all gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains and jungle. If we go up the hill, we arrive at the bustling mountain town of San Isidro. We took a chance by finding the house on Craigslist and putting down a deposit before we saw it, but now that we’re here, we’re so very glad we did!


A Cruising Couple´s Casa

Playa Dominical, Costa Rica

Ocean Views from the Mountians of Costa Rica


Our first mission when we arrived was finding a pair of wheels. Not only did we want a reliable and convenient way to explore the region, but I also needed a mode of transport to get down to Dominical (where I’ll be teaching yoga a couple of times a week). We entertained the idea of purchasing a used car, but after testing a few out, we quickly realized we weren’t going to find anything we found safe and reliable within our budget. Instead, we opted for a motorcycle—something which Dan was not complaining about at all. Dan loved his motorcycle in Taiwan and has missed having his own since we left a year and a half ago. It’s perfect for now, though we are saving up for a car, too.


House in Costa Rica

Dan´s Motorcycle


In between moving into the house and purchasing the motorcycle, somehow we managed to acquire two bundles of adorableness. Their names are Jack and Jill – our new adopted puppies that we rescued from a shelter. We were planning on getting one dog much later in the year, but when we met these guys, we knew it was meant to be. I’m thoroughly convinced that they are the best puppies in the world. They’re only ten weeks old, but by day two they were house-trained — by day three they knew ‘sit’ and ‘come.’ Maybe that’s normal, but I’m still pretty impressed. Don’t worry…we’re still planning on traveling even though we now have dogs. We already have pet sitters lined up for the future, and being experienced house sitters ourselves, we know where to turn to find someone who wants free accommodation in Costa Rica in exchange for caring for two pups. We’ll try to keep our social media feeds focused on travel, but don’t be surprised if a few snapshot of these cuties sneak in the mix ;-)

We’ve known for a while now that we don´t want to be completely nomadic, but rather to have a home base from which we travel whenever and wherever we want. Costa Rica is the first step towards that transition.


A Cruising Couple with rescued dogs

A Cruising Couple rescues Jack and Jill



Now that we’re all set up, we’re excited to start exploring more! This region is full of stunning beaches, mountains, waterfalls, adventure activities, and more. We’ll have lots of great travel tips and stories about Costa Rica soon to come, as well as more stories from our recent trip to NYC.


Surfing Dominical Costa Rica

Mountains in Plantanillo, Costa Rica


And that’s about all that’s new over here! Next week Dan is going to Pura Vida Resort to photograph the Trailblazer’s retreat. I’ll be holding it down here in Platanillo with My Tan Feet. They were originally going to housesit for us while I also went on the retreat, but now for various reasons, I need to stay here. Sam and Yeison are some of my favorite travel bloggers, though, so I can’t wait to reunite with them and hang out all week :) Be on the lookout for lots of photos, videos, and updates!


Have questions about what we’re up to? What do you think about Dominical and the surrounding region? Aren’t Jack and Jill the cutest?


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