Our First Travel Destination For 2015 Revealed!

A week from today, we will be on a plane headed to our first travel destination of 2015. Choosing where to go this year was a slightly daunting task. Only a month ago it was mid-December and we still didn’t have any plans confirmed! But of course, things have a way of working themselves out, and everything quickly started to fall into place before Christmas. As it turns out, we’re incredibly grateful we waited to commit to anything as our upcoming opportunities wouldn’t have been possible.

SO – Where is it we’re going?

Flying to Costa Rica

Back to Costa Rica!

Are you surprised? To be honest, we kind of are ourselves. We were just there for two months before coming home for the holidays, and we are already planning a return—which will be our third time to the country since we began our location independent journey a year and a half ago. Are we becoming obsessed with Costa Rica? Well, we do love the country, but there are a lot of reasons why we’re headed back.

Casey on a palm tree

The main reason why Costa Rica won out in favor of other possible destinations like Nicaragua, Mexico or even Nepal, was that I was offered a job as a yoga instructor at a new yoga studio on the beach. And how can you turn that down?! I love teaching, and of course I love yoga, so one of my goals after yoga teacher training was to actually find a job as an instructor. Everything worked out seamlessly when I was able to visit the studio in Dominical and check out what living in the town would be like. We almost immediately knew that this was the right place for us. Plus the fact that Dominical happens to have the biggest and most consistent surf break in Costa Rica means that Dan had zero hesitation whatsoever.

Yoga Instructing

Are we moving to Costa Rica? Who knows. We are only committed to being in Dominical until the end of April, but if all goes well, there’s a large chance we might be there longer. We’ve been searching for a home base, and since our journey keeps taking us to Costa Rica, it seems like we should at least give the country a serious consideration. That doesn’t mean we won’t be travelling anymore. (We already have plans in the works for Tanzinia, Hawaii, Turkey and Tuscany!) It just means we will be able to unpack our suitcases every once in a while and enjoy that wonderful feeling of sleeping in our own bed. Not to mention we miss having a sense of community, and I really want a puppy. Being completely nomadic for 16 months was fantastic, but we don’t think it is how we want to live forever. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Once April comes around, we might decide we’ve had enough of Costa Rica and continue our search for the perfect home base once more.

Santa Teresa Sunset_2

Some of the things we’re looking forward to the most in Dominical are:

– Teaching yoga (obviously)

– Surfing. That one is mostly Dan, but I’m determined to finally learn!

– Being part of a community.

– Exploring new places in Costa Rica. We still haven’t been to Manuel Antonio!

The TrailBlazers Retreat. We’ve been asked to photograph and help out with social media for an entrepreneur/yoga retreat outside San Jose, and I cannot wait for all of the workshops and classes!

– Building our new business, Moore Effective Media. The business is already picking up new clients and we are still developing the website!

– Having a bit of a routine. (Mostly being able to drink green smoothies every morning.)

– Planning the rest of our 2015 travels. In addition to the destinations listed above, we still have a lot of Central America to see!

As you can see, it should be a pretty good couple of months. If you’re traveling through Costa Rica, be sure to let us know. We would love to meet up!

What exciting travel plans do you have coming up?