I’m a huge fan of grounding technology. If you’re new to the concept, here is the idea in a nutshell:


Earth Runners


Do you know that amazing feeling of playing outside barefoot or wiggling your toes in the sand? It feels amazing, right? That’s because the earth has its own energy, and the ground beneath our feet is incredibly healing, energizing and detoxifying. When we wear shoes, we are disconnected from the earth’s energy. But through grounding technology, we can wear shoes and draw in the earth’s energy—which for most leaves us feeling much more balanced and energized.

So when Earth Runners asked us to review a pair of their minimalist earth shoes, we were immediately intrigued.  With an awesome name like “Earth Runners”, we could only expect an equally awesome product! Luckily, we weren’t disappointed.


Earth Runners Unique Concept


Earth Runners Men's Shoes


The Earth Runners are a minimalist shoe inspired by the Native American huarache running sandals. The idea is that they are the perfect compromise to running barefoot. The minimalist design leaves your foot feeling free, while the straps ensure your foot is secure. The strong and durable sole protects your feet from rocks, debris, etc—while still allowing you to run with a natural gait. What’s even better, the grounding technology allow you to feel the same energetic benefits as actually running barefoot. It all sounds pretty brilliant to me.

We haven’t really tried barefoot running, but we understand why the trend is picking up in popularity. We’ve been meaning to get back into running ever since we ran our first marathon two years ago, so the intrigue might just be enough to get us back into running mode. But in the meantime, the Earth Runners will serve as our hiking and outdoor adventure shoes.


Earth Runners Women's Shoes


What’s Great About Earth Runners


We love the balance between minimalism and comfort that Earth Runners provides. The shoes feel very secure, and though we haven’t been able to take them hiking yet, they are super comfortable to walk around in. The straps are so well placed you almost forget they are there. The flat foot bed forms to your feet, which promotes a comfortable, barefoot feel.

Dan has a pair of the Circadian X sandals. He loves the clean, durable leather laces and conductive copper inserts. I have a pair of the Alpha X with conductive slip-on laces. While I probably won’t wear them to run, I will definitely wear them for easy hiking and trips to the beach. I love the 11mm Vibran Woodstock tread, which makes the shoe feel super durable and supportive.


Earth Runners Men's Sandals

Earth Runners


And of course we love that Earth Runners are made in the USA, and for every 10 shoes purchased, one pair is donated to Seva Sandals!

What We Don’t Love About The Earth Runners

Earth Runners are a great concept, but the shoes aren’t necessarily our style for a day-to-day basis. We would say they are great for adventure travel, backpacking, a beach bar, etc. The thong on the Alpha X also bothers the space between my big toe and second toe, but I’m hoping that as I wear the shoes more I’ll break the strap in.


Earth Runners Women's Shoes


Overall we’re really looking forward to using our Earth Runners more, especially when hiking. And Dan can’t wait for the weather to warm up so he has more of an incentive to get outdoors and take his for a run!


Learn more about Earth Runners, or go shopping for your own pair of minimalist shoes here!


A huge thank you to Earth Runners for sending us shoes to review. We were not asked to write positive reviews, nor were we compensated for this post.