When it comes to going away on holiday, one thing you have to endure whether you like it or not is the airport experience. Some people love it, some people hate it, and most of us just tolerate it because we have no other option. Despite this, there are certain dos and don’ts that, when followed, can make your travel day much easier on the stress levels, and who knows, you might actually enjoy it!


The first step to an easy travel day is to make sure you have covered all bases with regards to how you’re going to get to the terminal door. Are you going by train or coach? Are you going to book an airport taxi? Or, are you going to try my favorite method and drive yourself, and book your parking spot through Airparks? I find this method enhances my travel day to no end because I’m stress-free when I arrive, and I save money too! What could be better?


This is a service that is available at most large UK airports, including the large capital airports, where you’ll often find cheaper flights. I regularly use parking at Stansted, and can’t fault it for cost and level of service.



Additional tips for happy flying:


Do stay calm – Once you’ve arrived at the airport, you’ve found your particular terminal, and you’ve identified which desk you need to be at for check in, you need to remember one thing – patience! The problem with travel is that it generally involves a lot of waiting around and queuing, which when you’re eager to get away, can be frustrating! Bite your cheek and avoid the growing annoyance of having to wait around, and instead focus on where you’re going!


Do make use of the facilities – I always find heading to a sit down restaurant and enjoying a meal is a good way to start my holiday, as well as making sure everyone gets a good meal inside them, that doesn’t include junk food or general snacking. This is an especially good idea if you’re travelling with children.


Do keep an eye on the screens – Remember that once you see a gate number displayed for your particular flight, head there immediately. Boarding can happen swiftly, and you don’t want to be in a rush, with your name being called over the tannoy!


Don’t leave it too late – Don’t arrive at the very last minute, you can’t predict what will happen if there is a delay on the road, or if your transport doesn’t turn up, so give yourself a buffer of time. If you arrive early, so what? You can go for a coffee!


Don’t spend too much in duty free – Set yourself a budget if you must, but remember that unless you were planning on buying it in the first place, it’s not saving you money just because it’s half price!


Don’t forget your entertainment – Whether it’s an iPad, music, buying magazines in the airport, or a good old book, remember to stock up on entertainment options to get you through the flight.


You can choose to loathe the airport or enjoy it, I personally prefer to try and enjoy every second of my time away, including the waiting around.