It’s tough to avoid getting sick while traveling. We constantly getting exposed to new germs our bodies have never experienced before. We want to try all the street food we can, but it’s hard to tell what is prepared well and what’s not. Our daily routines and sleep cycles are all thrown off so that our internal clocks go haywire.

In order to keep the germs at bay, we do our best to stay clean. We wash our hands all the time, avoid touching too many doorknobs, make sure we’re drinking enough water and do our best to steer clear of that guy on the plane who never seems to cover his mouth while he’s coughing uncontrollably. So when we arrive at our destination and make it to the hotel or resort, we feel we can finally relax. Why not hit the pool for a fresh dip? That’s why you came all this way right?

We’ve always thought that the dirtiest places while traveling would be hotel bathrooms. But you might be surprised at what you are diving into the next time you’re plunging headfirst into your hotel pool. Check out this infographic from Schofields.


swimming infographic

We were very surprised to learn how dirty these typical havens of leisure can be! So before your kids start squirting pool water out of their mouths, remember that maybe the pool isn’t the healthiest choice for your holiday.