So This is What Canada Looks Like : A Quick Glimpse at Southern British Columbia

This post was last updated on August 12th, 2014

Canada was a country that had long been on our travel bucket list prior to the #GreatCoastRoadTrip. I think one of the things that appealed about it was that every Canadian we have ever met has given testament to their home nation’s stunning scenery and vast diversity of landscapes.

Our whirlwind road trip through British Columbia was only enough to give us a taste of the country’s beauty; however, it was one delicious taste that certainly lived up to—and then exceeded—any preconceived notions we had.

Our road trip took us to Tsawwassen, Nanaimo and Victoria. In the short time we had, we visited bird sanctuaries and beaches, harbors and floating bars. We went bungee jumping and whale watching, and ate our hearts out wining and dining on local cuisine. We enjoyed breathtaking and expansive views from our rooms at the various Coast Hotels.

We can only hope to return to explore more of British Columbia and Canada one day. Until then, here are a few snapshots from our exhilarating road trip:

Canada Photo Essay - Bird Sanctuary

Canada Photo Essay - Tsawwassen


Canada Photo Essay - Canada

Canada Photo Essay - Canadian Geese and Chicks

Canadian Wine and Chocolate

Canada Photo Essay - Nanaimo

Canada Photo Essay - Nanaimo Bar

Canada Photo Essay - Sailboats

Canada Photo Essay - Sunset at Floating Pub

Canada Photo Essay - Bathtub Race Nanaimo

Nanaimo Canada

Canada Photo Essay - Canon

Canada Photo Essay - Bungy Jump

Canada Photo Essay - Harbor in Victoria

Canada Photo Essay - Victoria BC Parliament Concert

Canada Photo Essay - Victoria Harbor Ferry

victoria Canada

Canada Photo Essay - Breakwater at Sunset

Canada Photo Essay - Houseboats

Canada Photo Essay - Crab Legs

Canada Photo Essay - Dessert by the Harbor

Canada Photo Essay - Victoria Harbor at Night

Victoria BC Canada

Canada Photo Essay - Minke Whale

Canada Photo Essay - Bald Eagle in Flight

Canada Photo Essay - Seal

Canada Photo Essay - Lighthouse

To read more details about what we got up to during our trip, check out the #GreatCoastRoadTrip blog. Also keep an eye out for more details—and video footage—of our spontaneous bungee jumping experience!


Have you been to Canada? Do these photos make you want to go to British Columbia?


  1. Great pics! Glad you got to beautiful BC! Come back and climb some mountains with us!

    • Thanks Laurie! We’d love to get into the mountains of Canada and do some hiking! We loved Canada so much I’m sure we’ll be back, hopefully sometime soon :-)

  2. As a New Zealander I can say from completely neutral viewpoint that Canada is beautiful. There is a lot to explore on both the eastern and western sides (I haven’t been to the centre). The photos are a good reminder of the country.
    Rob Weir recently posted…Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, extra 3My Profile

    • We only got a quick look, but we really liked what we saw. New Zealand is quite gorgeous as well!

    • We really enjoyed the bird sanctuary and all the opportunities to be outdoors. They really take advantage of the nice summer weather :-)

  3. Oh Canada! Glad you two had a great time in our home province :) Nanaimo Bars in Nanaimo? How perfect! haha. I love the photo of the old truck with the Canadian flag on it. Watch out for those Canadian Geese, they are nasty! Been bit too many times as a kid…

    Great pics :)

    • Haha, I kept telling Dan that the geese could be mean, but he didn’t believe me! Luckily they were nice to us :-) Those Nanaimo bars on the other hand are dangerous!!! SOOOO tasty :-D

    • Victoria is a really gorgeous city! The little taxi boats are super cute :-)

    • We loved how beautiful BC is. Great place to be outside!

    • Nanaimo bars a soooo good! Very difficult to eat just one :-p

  4. Great to see you enjoying our home! Nicole was actually born in Naniamo and we met while attending university in Victoria. Next time your in the hood, give a call and we’ll be your personal tour guides ;-)
    Cam recently posted…Photo of the Week: On a boat… in VeniceMy Profile

    • Thanks for the offer Cam! We’ll be sure take you up on that offer when the time comes :-)

    • We had a great time in there! The beach and bird sanctuary around Tsawwassen were a lot of fun to spend the afternoon exploring.

    • Thanks Katie! This was our first trip to Canada and we’d love another opportunity to explore more of it.

  5. While I love your photos, the title is deceiving. That is what Southern British Columbia looks like. Canada is a great big country with a number of different biomes and that is just a small corner of the country (and is not representative of the whole – no part of Canada would be).
    Erica recently posted…Springing into Summer Shape in OttawaMy Profile

    • Definitely agree with you and thanks for pointing out that the title might be misleading. Perhaps we’ll change it. We have always wanted to visit Canada, so we meant it more in a way of ‘after waiting and now finally getting to go to Canada, this is what we saw’, not so much as illustrating Canada on a whole. But again, thanks for the feedback!

    • We were pleasantly surprised with what we found in Canada! BC is a very pretty area, I hope you get the chance to go :-)



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