It’s where East meets West—a gateway between cultures, a land long viewed exotic and desirable for its ideal location. It’s a melting pot of cultures and regions with dynamic landscapes and a rich history and culture. It’s a country of Turkish delights and coffee and wonderful people. And these aren’t even part of my five reasons to visit Turkey!

Turkey has much to offer, whether you’re an intrepid traveler seeking your next adventure or a history buff ready to travel back through time or any other type of tourist. And now is a great moment to plan your visit as you can find cheap Turkey holidays at

Here are few attractions in Turkey that are sure to ignite the travel bug.

5 Reasons to Visit Turkey

1. Ephesus 

Visit this ancient city and some of the best preserved Greek and Roman ruins in the Mediterranean. A trip to Ephesus allows you to actually retrace the steps of Greeks and Romans from centuries past as you walk through what was once magnificent homes, temples and stadiums. The Library of Celcus is one of Ephesus’ most famous attractions.

2. Cappadocia
Red Rocks / Cappadocia-TURKEY

via John Y. Can on Flickr

A trip to Cappadocia is like taking a trip to another planet, with volcanic rock spirals, canyons, and valleys.  The best way to experience it is by hiking along the various paths that follow the valleys and odd rock formations. Alternatively, take it all in from a hot air balloon ride—an excellent splurge and unique viewing experience.

3. Troy

You’ve read about it in Homer and watched it in Hollywood, but now you can actually visit it for yourself! Troy is one of the most famous archeological sites in the world, and its existence has had a lasting inspiration on arts and culture. Climb up the ladders of the fake Trojan horse at the entrance and make sure to take plenty of touristy pictures—it’s all part of the experience.

4. Istanbul

It’s at the heart of most travelers’ journey to Turkey, and for good reason. Istanbul is teeming with culture, history, and good eats. Enjoy a steaming cup of Turkish coffee before a full day of exploring the Hagia Sophia. This 6th century AD Byzantine Emperor mosque turned museum is sure to inspire, even if you have to battle long lines of tourists to get a foot in. Be sure to leave time for the Grand Bazaar and Istanbul Archeological Museum, too. There’s so much to do in Istanbul that it can be hard to leave!

5. It’s budget friendly

Turkey packs a powerful punch, and for all that it has to offer, it is still very affordable.  On your next trip to Europe, consider saving serious money with a visit to this vibrant and colorful country. You won’t regret it!

Have you been to Turkey before? What reasons would you add to this list?