Cruises in themselves are the very height of luxury. They allow you to travel across the seas and oceans of the globe at a leisurely pace, dine and drink in style with the waves lapping around the ship and do what you might not expect within the confines of a 12-deck vessel, but how much more glamorous would they be with a celebrity presence.

Recently, holidaymakers who regularly go on a cruise gave their opinions on which stars they would like to see on their next cruise. British cruise-goers said that they would like to see certain personalities responsible for everything from food to on-board entertainment. When it came to onstage performance, 18% said they would want to see Elton John in the cabaret suite.

As for food, just over a quarter wanted celebrity chef Jamie Oliver put in charge of all meals served on-board their ship. Imagine if he was in charge of catering? As for celebrities they would happily throw out to sea, 28% chose the irritating teen pop star Justin Bieber, outranking over stars we find annoying!