Following the path of our Couchsurfing host who was acting as our guide on the streets of Nagasaki, we stumbled past a collection of elderly Japanese men sitting and standing around as others played a board game much like chess.

As we stood by the side and watched as foe faced foe our host told us that the same gentlemen gather in the same spot every day and that apart from using their minds to battle each other they also used it as a space to exercise their minds by talking, discussing and getting heated about the topic of the day which really made us smile.

Not long after we stood to watch and lift the camera to take a picture of this heart warming scene did we find ourselves being approached by some of the gentlemen for pictures – or should I say ONE of us.

They all were eager to have their picture taken with Franca and I couldn’t help but giggle to myself the whole while with my laughter hidden behind the camera. Definitely one humorous occasion I’ll always remember from our travels.


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