It’s not always easy to combine fitness and travel. We love being active, but with chaotic schedules, days spent in transportation, and a tendency to stuff our faces with as much local food as possible, our individual fitness levels vary a lot from country to country.


Currently we’re in Mexico, and despite the regular yoga and surf sessions, we’re struggling a bit. Because, seriously.  We’re talking margaritas. And guacamole. And one-dollar tacos. And mole. We could eat Mexican food all day every day and never tire of it. But we would also like to leave the country fitting into the same jeans we arrived in. Since it’s obvious we’re not going to cut back on our daily caloric intake, the only option is to ramp up our exercise efforts.

 Rafas Travel Workout

Recently when we were at Blue Osa, we were talking to Rafa, the resident personal trainer and workout coordinator, about how difficult it can be to fit in an effective full-body workout with limited time and space. So Rafa decided to intervene and customize a fitness routine for us—and all of you—that can be done with no equipment and minimal space.


Rafa was a bit shy behind the camera, so he asked Dan to help him with the speaking roles. But this is entirely Rafa’s workout, taught to Dan, to share with everyone. And it is one awesome workout. Dan was wiped after just one round of the exercises, which can be done up to three times for maximum benefit. It takes about an hour to do the entire set of exercises three times.


It’s been a month or so since all those New Year’s resolutions of fitness and exercise. If you’re struggling a bit, then this workout will give you the inspiration you need. It’s also fairly entertaining just to watch on its own, whether you have any notions to actually get away from the computer screen or not.

Rafa is a talented and passionate instructor. His enthusiasm for fitness is evident, and really a bit contagious. If you can’t make it all the way to Blue Osa for a personal workout session just yet, then be sure to check out Rafa’s YouTube channel and the Blue Osa blog for more fitness inspiration.


How do you stay fit during your travels? Do you find it easier or more difficult to incorporate an active lifestyle while you’re away from home?