Corcovado National Park is largely considered the crown jewel of Costa Rica’s 26 National Parks. After our wildlife encounters in the park—many of which occurred before we were even within the boundaries of the park itself—we understand why.

The opportunity to experience this wild, untouched side of Costa Rica is not one that should be passed up. When doing so, there’s one choice of accommodation that clearly wins out against the rest: Casa Corcovado.


Where To Stay To Visit Corcovado National Park


Casa Corcovado is an eco-luxury resort situated as close to Corcovado National Park as you can get without being inside the park itself. Access is only granted after a riveting boat ride through the twisting Sierpe River and expansive Pacific Ocean, where crocodile, dolphin, toucan and monkey sightings are all just part of the journey.



The History of Casa Corcovado


Casa Corcovado is the heart and soul of Steven Lill. At the age of 23, Lill was backpacking through Costa Rica with a friend when they met a Tico selling land. This was in the 70’s, before the days of the Corcovado National Park, and before tourism had even caught on in the country. But the Osa Peninsula had worked its magic on the two friends, and they were sold. They purchased the land and began trying their hands at subsistence farming.

Lill kept the 170 acres a pristine nature reserve before deciding to open Casa Corcovado in 1994. With the resort came Lill’s commitment to sustainability and ethical tourism, providing visitors a unique opportunity to spend their days hiking in the national park and their evenings residing in conscience-friendly luxury.



The Resort


Casa Corcovado was recently named one of Costa Rica’s top ten luxury hotels by Trip Advisor, and it’s no wonder why. The property consists of 14 spacious bungalows; a large Spanish-Hacienda style restaurant; an outdoor bar and lounge surrounded by the jungle; a fully-equipped game room; one full-size swimming pool and one natural spring pool; a margarita bar looking out to Cano Island; a reception building with gift shop; and a guide house used to outfit hikers for their excursions into the park.





The bungalows are large and spacious, with wood-beamed ceilings, shutters, and stained glass crafted by Costa Rican artisans. Décor is clean and stylish. The bathroom is decorated with bamboo, stone, and tile, looking out to the private garden to invoke the feeling of a spa. The outdoor hammock provides an ideal spot to relax with a book or listen to the sounds of howlers and birds calling out from the jungle. It’s impossible to imagine a more relaxed place to come back to after a long day of hiking in the jungle.





Casa Corcovado’s Commitment to the Environment


It’s important to note that Casa Corcovado is a self-sustaining eco-luxury lodge. Since its beginning in 1994, the lodge has set an example of responsible and sustainable tourism, making great efforts to show that alternative energy sources are not only practical but actually the best option for remote locations. Casa Corcovado has won the prestigious 5 Leaves Award for sustainable tourism and continues to serve as a leader in the community. The owner of Casa Corcovado is also the co-founder and president of the non-profit Corcovado Foundation, which works to preserve the natural heritage of Corcovado for future generations.

But even with all these environmentally friendly practices in place, Casa Corcovado wants to do more. They seek to lead the way for other hotels and communities in Costa Rica, which means consistently growing and evolving. Currently, they are working on ‘Claro del Bosque’, an organic farming garden project with aims at supplying all the food for the resort.


Tours and Activities At Casa Corcovado


Naturally, the main attraction to staying at Casa Corcovado is that it puts you within walking distance of the National Park. We opted for a half-day hike to San Pedrillo Ranger Station, but there are other hikes available. Casa Corcovado is also extremely close to Cano Island, world-renowned for its marine life; the opportunity to snorkel or scuba dive here should not be missed. Additionally, bird watching, horseback riding, and sea kayaking are available. Finally, Casa Corcovado has a private beach, and the amenities on the ground of the resort itself assure that guests will remain entertained.




Casa Corcovado is the perfect example that you don’t have to sacrifice luxury to support Eco-Tourism. This resort has our full recommendation, and we wouldn’t hesitate to return once more.


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Learn more about planning your stay at Casa Corcovado here. We promise – you won’t regret it!


We were guests of Casa Corcovado. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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