Costa Rica is host to numerous stunning national parks and secluded beaches. But if you’re after one of the most spectacular spots of them all, then try Cahuita National Park. It was easily one of our favorite sandy stretches in all of Costa Rica. We think after you read this post, you’ll see why!


These Photos Will Make You Fall In Love With Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica


A Cruising Couple Cahuita National Park


We’ve done a lot of hikes and seen many remarkable places, so sometimes we can be a bit hard to please. That being said, Cahuita National Park is a gem that can’t be missed if visiting Costa Rica. The hike takes you along an easy trail, with gently crashing waves on one side and thick, wildlife-rich jungle on the other. Monkeys, toucans, sloths, butterflies, lizards and a whole slew of other animals call the Cahuita National Park home.


Cahuita National Park

Casey on a palm tree Cahuita National Park


Cahuita National Park Trail

Cahuita Collage 2

sloth Cahuita National Park

Blue Morpho Butterfly Cahuita National Park

Raccoon Cahuita National Park

Lizard Cahuita National Park

Cahuita Collage 1

Cahuita National Park


If you’re not in the mood to walk the entire length of the trail, there is a beautiful beach at the town entrance to the National Park.


Cahuita National Park Beach


The leisurely hike can be completed in a couple of hours, but you’ll want to get in early so you can take your time. (Wildlife is also more active in the early morning hours.)


There are two entrances to the park. One is in Cahuita town proper, starting at the beach with an optional donation for entry. The other is about 5 km south of town along the only main road. If you enter from the main road, the fee is $10 a person. A small fee to pay for paradise!

Have you been to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica? How did you find it? What’s your favorite National Park?


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Why You Need To See Cahuita National Park- A Photo Essay