We like to think that we are safe and savvy travelers. It helps that we are almost always together, watching out for each other. If one of us gets distracted or a little too carefree, the other one is there to notice when something doesn’t feel right. There’s power in numbers, too, and being together makes us a little less vulnerable…we think. But though we have been blessed on our travels up to this point (please, knock on wood here), there are always those moments when we feel a little uncertain or anxious, both at home and abroad.

Enter the React Mobile safety app. 


What is it?

React Mobile is a safety app for IOS and Android devices. Its simple and easy to use interface allows you to keep your emergency contacts notified about your whereabouts should you feel unsafe. If an emergency situation does occur, send an SMS alert and notify 9-1-1 (or the equivalent in your country).





This is the app’s GPS function. This is perfect for those times you are going to meet someone from Craig’s list or find yourself walking back to your car at night. Simply turn on the follow-me feature, and the contacts of your choice will receive a message about your whereabouts with the ability to follow you in real time. Once you feel safe once more, simply tap “I’m safe” and your contact will be informed that all is good.

A nice thing about this feature is that all you do is set it and go. You don’t need to be distracted by texting your safety concerns instead of paying attention to your surroundings. Additionally, your contacts do not need to have the app installed to receive your SMS messages. (Though, don’t be like us and start testing the app without telling your poor family what is going on first.)

“Send SOS”:


This is for those times when you are really in trouble. Hopefully there is never a need for this feature, but of course you never know what could happen. Just tap the alert and a message will be sent to your contacts saying you need help (with your GPS coordinates).  An option will also pop-up to notify 9-1-1 or relevant emergency services in your country.

The best thing about this feature is that it’s quick and quiet. Easily tap the button on your mobile device without anyone around you knowing what happened.


We can definitely see the benefits of this app for travelers and non-travelers alike. Our favorite part about it is that it does work internationally. We sent a whole slew of text messages to our family in North Carolina from Costa Rica. We probably should have given them more of a warning, but they did instantly receive text messages that we were testing a new safety app.


React Mobile is also perfect for those exploratory souls that find themselves adventuring at the drop of a hat without telling people the exact locations of where they will be. Should you get stuck in the middle of nowhere, it’s easy for emergency personnel to find you. Having been lost on a mountain where the authorities couldn’t find my friends and I, I can really see how this would be useful.

And finally, one of the best parts about the app is that it’s totally FREE.


We did notice a few flaws with the app. For one, some of the graphics are a bit pixilated. Not a big deal, but it still annoyed me a bit. Additionally, and though I’m sure there’s just no way around this, you do need 3G or Wi-Fi to use the app.  A lot of the places where we might be concerned about our safety are in the middle-of-nowhere. No fault of the app itself, but something to consider. On the plus side, the app will remember your last known GPS coordinates if connection is lost in the middle of an alert.



There’s really no reason not to download the React Mobile app. You never know what could happen; this app brings peace of mind both to you and your loved ones.  And while it might not prevent something bad from happening, at least it will provide the support and assistance you need in a pinch.

We were compensated for our review. We were not required to write a positive review. All thoughts and opinions remain our own.