From the moment we arrived at Cabinas Eddy, we knew we had made the right decision.

Cabinas Eddy

We make a conscious effort to stay at small, family-run hotels without sacrificing our comfort in the process. It can honestly be difficult to find the right balance, but Cabinas Eddy proves that such perfect equilibrium does exist.

This quaint lodge is conveniently located just off the main street of downtown Santa Elena. Rustic wood paneling and light décor invoke the perfect cabin feel, and everything is immaculately clean. Choose from one of only 14 rooms, either with shared or private bathroom. All rooms come with hot water, TV, Wi-Fi, and a greatly appreciated warm blanket. (It gets surprisingly cool at night in the Monteverde area!) The rooms are small but comfortable, adding to the overall coziness factor.

There are a few things that really make Cabinas Eddy stand out from other nearby accommodation options.


For starters, there’s the balcony. Because we are balancing work and travel, we always choose hotels that offer a good workspace. I don’t work while sitting on a hotel bed. I just can’t do it. So somewhere with a large table, Wi-Fi, and great view gets bonus points in my book. Cabinas Eddy had the perfect picnic table on the balcony that did just the trick. The complimentary afternoon coffee and tea was a nice touch to fuel my post-adventure writing—though admittedly I could have done with more time in that hammock…

Cabinas Eddy hammock
Another aspect we loved about Cabinas Eddy was the breakfast. Mouth-watering breakfast burritos, gallo pinto, and French toast are just a few of the options Freddy cooks up in the communal kitchen. When Freddy woke up extra-early on our day of departure to fix us our favorite breakfast to go, I could have hugged him out of pure excitement.

BreakfastBreakfast Cabinas Eddy

And of course, we can’t talk about Cabinas Eddy without mentioning the incredible hospitality of Freddy. From the moment of our arrival, Freddy wasted no time in ensuring we were comfortable and had everything we needed. His knowledge of the local area made planning our time in Monteverde a snap, and we got a great discount on our zip lining adventure by booking through the hotel.  On top of all that, his entire family is just absolutely adorable.

Cabinas Eddy Family Hotel

We loved our relaxed stay at Cabinas Eddy so much that we extended it an extra night. And honestly—I blame it on the breakfasts.  

If you’re staying in the Monteverde area, we don’t hesitate to recommend Cabinas Eddy. Rates for a private double room with bathroom are as low as $30 a night—an absolute steal in Costa Rica, especially considering the quality of the hotel. Be sure to check with Freddy for updated rates and availability.


We were guests of Cabinas Eddy. All thoughts and opinions remain our own.