As we approached the schoolyard, we saw children running around the streets recklessly. We had just ridden our bikes across the flat desert plains of Shangri-La in Southwestern China and, upon approaching the small township, we decided to look for a place to eat. We received an offer from one small local girl of about 13 to bring us to her house where her parents could make us a meal. Not wanting to impose (or, really, take up a 13-year-old on a meal offer), we began exploring our other options. We sat on our bikes, unsure, as we were approached by another group of dirty little boys. They came right up to us with huge smiles and made enthusiastic eye contact before reaching for their BB guns and opening fire on us! We saw that as our cue to leave, and took off in a hurry!


Bio: Born in America, Jeremy, an IT specialist by trade, packed up his belongings and left home on an open-ended trip to Australia. Years later, he’s still on the move and exploring other countries. He is now a mobile cocktail bartender and the head writer for travelFREAK! You can usually find him on either side of the bar, acting wanky and pretentious about booze.



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