Welcome To Costa Rica!


Or, a bit more specifically, welcome to Los Angeles Sur. Nestled in the mountains and cloud forests of central Costa Rica, this is our ultra-temporary home for about three weeks before we get into the whitewater rafting, horseback riding and nature tours galore.


If you follow us on our facebook or instagram, then you know by now that we’re housesitting—taking care of someone’s house and pets while they are away.  Our ‘home’ is in a quiet community, a 30-minute bus ride from the nearest town. Our days consist of playing with the cuddly cat, going for strolls through the valley, and generally enjoying the view. There’s a small café down the road we get cappuccinos at.  There’s a vegetable stand we walk to an hour away. It’s funny how simple it sounds, and it’s no wonder people keep asking us if we’re bored. The thing is, we really needed this quiet retreat. Not to relax so much as to have the opportunity to sit at our computers undistracted and catch up on a whole myriad of projects. Despite for the cat cuddling breaks, it’s going pretty well.


Don’t get us wrong—we will definitely be ready to continue our explorations around Costa Rica in about a week’s time. We’ve got a lot of ideas, and we can’t wait to experience the wildlife and diversity Costa Rica is famous for. If you’ve been to Costa Rica, please send us your suggestions! We’ll have about six weeks to explore all that the country has to offer.


In the meantime, we’re going to sip one more cup of coffee and enjoy the view before the afternoon rainstorms roll in. Rainy season is not a joke.


Hope you enjoy these few photos from around our housesitting home. I think they’ll explain why we’re so comfortable here!

Welcome to Los Angeles Sur Costa Rica

Welcome to Los Angeles Sur, Costa Rica 

Housesitting Costa Rica neighborhood

The view from the top of our neighborhood

Housesitting Costa Rica

Casey! Stop daydreaming and get some work done!


Leo! Isn’t he CUTE!

Hammock Costa Rica

Not a bad spot for a siesta

Los Angeles Sur Costa Rica

Los Angeles Sur, Costa Rica

Neighbor in Costa Rica

One of our neighbors

Cows Costa Rica

The other neighbor

Leaf cutter ants Costa Rica

Leaf cutter ants going to work

Butterfly on Flower Costa Rica

Butterfly Costa Rica

Have you been to Costa Rica before? What should we do while we’re here?