Happy Birthday Buddha

Happy Birthday Buddha!

After a harrowing bus ride, we finally arrived at Tian Tan Buddha–the world’s largest outdoor seated bronze Buddha (with quite possibly the longest name).  We alighted from the bus only to find ourselves immersed in a cloud. Despite being one of the largest Buddhas in the world, we could barely make out its silhouette from the base of the stairs. Finally the clouds drifted away and the buddha became visible, but only to coincide with a million people joining us around the statue. I love the ‘human element’ in photos, but it was getting a bit ridiculous. Until this happened. As I was about to finally capture a photograph without a single sweaty tourist, this monk centered himself in front of me. After chasing after the perfect shot all morning all I had to do was hit the shutter once.

Today also happens to be Buddha’s birthday, making this the absolute perfect shot for Photo Friday.  Hope you enjoy!