Every spring, the small town of Jhuzihu is overcome by white, delicate Calla lilies, as field after field bursts into nearly two million blooms. 

Calla Lily Festival Field

The annual Calla Lily Festival attracts families and lovers from all around Taiwan, producing a serene and idyllic setting. Children eagerly bounce through the fields; ladies point out their favorite blossoms for their boyfriends to fetch; small Taiwanese grandmas gossip while elbowing at strangers to access the prime flowers first.

Calla Lily Festival Taiwan A Cruising Couple

Cala Lily Festival Taiwan

Calla lilies are one of my favorite flowers, and Dan and I sported the idea of having them at our wedding until we realized the price was outrageous, going for US$3-5 per stem. That’s, like, 10x as much as picking your own in Jhuzihu, where one stem goes for a mere NT$10! But no matter the price tag, when you get the chance to go frolicking through fields of Calla lilies there’s just no way to pass it up.

A Cruising Couple Calla Lily Festival

Picking at Calla Lily Festival

A Cruising Couple Calla Lily Festival Picking

The scenery was truly stunning. As per usual, the weather didn’t really want to cooperate with us; as soon as we arrived at Jhuzihu, the tenacious cloud hovering over Taiwan descended, draping the surrounding mountains in fog.  This actually added a bit of romance and mystique though, and for once I didn’t mind that the sun was hiding itself.

The Calla Lily Festival is definitely a must-see if you find yourself in Taiwan during March or April. To access the blooming fields, first head to Yangmingshan National Park. From here, it’s easy to find shuttle buses to Jhuzihu. If you find yourself lost or confused, chances are you will see loads of people with bundles of Calla lilies in their arms—they will eagerly help direct you to the shuttles. After that, a fifteen-minute trip will drop you in the middle of the Calla lily fields. Now you just need to get picking!

Picked Calla Lily

Colored Calla Lily