The past couple of days have been relatively uneventful. We made a brief stop in Little Rock, Arkansas on our way to Branson, Missouri. Little Rock was a nice city, and it happened to be hosting a Riverside Festival while we were there. This would have been really awesome if we wanted to hear Nelly and countless other bands for 20 bucks. But seeing as we didn’t really have the time, we decided to grab lunch and take a look at the William J Clinton Presidential Library (the first federal building that is LEED platinum certified). A sweet old lady of about 85 working admissions quickly ushered us in the museum for FREE when she found out we were newlyweds! Being a newly wed is awesome :-p. The Clinton Presidential Memorial is worth seeing if you’re passing through Little Rock. It has the only scale model of the oval office outside of the White House. The tour also includes countless documents listing the president’s to-do schedule for EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY (and you think you never have any free time) and glass cases housing gifts “received on behalf of the American people.” I betcha didn’t know you had gifts waiting for you in Little Rock. Of course, be prepared that it is a presidential memorial, which means all the information provided is just a little bit biased.

A Cruising Couple, Casey for Pres, Little Rock

Casey for Pres!

Branson was a little different from anywhere else I have ever traveled. After driving through the beautiful Ozark Mountains with little to no civilization, we arrived in this town that reminded me of a childish and quirky Vegas. Now I haven’t been to Las Vegas—yet—but all the flashing lights and billboards with shows here and there brought the comparison to mind. I’m sure some of the shows are great, but after coming from Nashville and Memphis the neon glow just didn’t really entice us. Instead, we spent most of our time relaxing in our lovely Blue Green Resort room and enjoying the drive through the Ozarks.

A Cruising Couple, Ozarks, Little Rock

But, we did get to see the WORLD’S LARGEST BANJO!!!!! Totally worth it. Hopefully Oklahoma City has a bit more to offer :-)

Worlds Largest Bango