We LOVE CouchSurfing. We love it so much that even though we have already written about it once, we feel compelled to talk about it again!

We recently stayed with Aaron of Memphis, the local CouchSurfing ambassador who has provided refuge to over 250 people from around the world. He loves CouchSurfing so much that he made sure his apartment had two bedrooms—one for him, one for his surfers. We were his first honeymooners, but he has hosted everyone from Elvis obsessors to BBQ buffs. On our particular visit Aaron had just finished his semester as a teacher, so he was free to offer his valuable services as tour guide of Memphis. He brought us to all the good sites such as the river walk (with a scale replica of the whole Mississippi River), Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination site, the Peabody Hotel (home to the most pampered ducks in the world), and the most entertaining lunch I’ve ever had.

mississippi scale, memphis

MLK Jr Memorial

“I may not get there with you, but I want you to know, that we as a people will get to the promise land”- MLK Jr.

Peabody Ducks, Mephis

We finished off our time in Memphis with the Sunset Symphony. Eight dollars for entrance to music all afternoon, the Memphis Symphony and a Bar-Kays blues performance. Nothin’ like dancing to some Otis Redding with Memphians!

Sunset symphony with our Couchsurfing Host

Although tour books and websites can be great resources for travelers, there is nothing like the accompaniment of a local to show you around. That is precisely what makes CouchSurfing so perfect. You get to stay with real people who are proud of their home and know not only how to find the #1 tourist attraction, but also the lesser known gems that you might otherwise miss out on. Plus, a lot of times you end up in a nice bed in your own room, not on the couch!