My Top Ten Most Memorable Travel Moments

Most Memorable Travel Moments

1. When Dan proposed on our weekend trip to Boston :-)

2. After UNC won the NCAA, I celebrated by singing our school anthem with fellow Tarheels in the middle of the Sahara Desert.  Interestingly, you get awesome cell phone reception out there.

3. Watching a Bollywood movie at a leper colony in New Delhi, India. The generosity of the couple who invited me into their home was incredible.

4. Salsa dancing and drinking aguardiente all night long in a typical Colombian bar in Medellin.

5. Hitchhiking down the west coast of Ecuador. Honestly much more efficient and cheaper than bus transportation, plus you get to meet awesome people along the way.

6. Staying out all night in Seville, Spain, and then watching the sunrise and eating churros by the river.

7. While in India, the young girls living next door came up to my roof and attempted to teach me how to Bhangra dance. I in turn taught them line dancing.

8. While serving as a legal intern in Quito, Ecuador, I assisted refugees and immigrants in obtaining legal documentation.  I will never forget the first time a women broke down in tears after I handed her the completed folder she needed to obtain refugee status.

9. My first experience couchsurfing in Geneva.  My new Italian friend made me homemade pesto and slept on the floor so I could have his room.

10. Getting completely lost in the streets of Rome and not caring where I was or what time it was.

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