Is Couchsurfing Still Right For Us?

Couchsurfing Friends Vietnam Sinh To

It’s no secret that we love Couchsurfing. We’ve used it for free accommodation all over the US, Europe and Asia, and likely saved hundreds of dollars in the process. Of course, one of the best parts of Couchsurfing is having the ability to meet awesome people from all walks of life. Singing French men, Italian […]

The No-Nonsense Travel Guide to Hong Kong

Wine and Cheese Night Hong Kong Travel Guide Free Seating

Why Go? Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city, featuring luxurious hotels and unsurpassed fine dining. We expected to find an overabundance of commercialization and skyscrapers, and not much more. While we certainly did find those things (is there really a need for a shopping mall at nearly every metro stop?) we were also pleased to […]

CouchSurfing Memphis

Mississippi to scale

We LOVE CouchSurfing. We love it so much that even though we have already written about it once, we feel compelled to talk about it again! We recently stayed with Aaron of Memphis, the local CouchSurfing ambassador who has provided refuge to over 250 people from around the world. He loves CouchSurfing so much that […]

Will Cook for Couch!

Jumpin on the couch

We want to go ahead and thank everyone once again for all of the support in all our wedding/honeymoon/travel endeavors! The wedding is officially in 21 days (gasp!) and as the countdown continues we are still looking for a couple of favors! We are currently trying to finalize our road trip honeymoon but are finding […]

How To: CouchSurfing


One thing you’ll probably hear us mention a lot in our blog is CouchSurfing.  It’s mentioned on the page The Road Ahead and is one of the major tools we will be using on our road trip.  So what is CouchSurfing? Basically one of the best ways to travel without paying exorbitant amounts on hotels.  […]