Animal Encounters in Costa Rica: Sierpe’s Spectacular Wildlife In Images

amazing wildlife photos of the sierpe river that will make you want to visit today


It’s no secret that Costa Rica is known for its abundant wildlife and while there are plenty of animal sanctuaries where you can get an up close view of monkeys, toucans and sloths, there’s nothing like seeing these creatures in their natural habitat. There are few places on earth that rival the diversity and multitude of wildlife than southern Costa Rica.




Also known as the “Gateway to Corcovado”, a boat tour on the Sierpe River offers the unique opportunity to see wild animals without having to trek for hours through the hot humid jungle. Below are just a few of the fauna we were able to see during our trip.


Capuchin Monkeys


Capuchin Monkeys in Sierpe

Capuchin Monkeys in Sierpe


Muscovy Duck


Duck in Sierpe


Grey-necked Wood-Rail


Grey-necked Wood-Rail in Sierpe

Grey-necked Wood-Rail in Sierpe




Boa In Sierpe

Boa In Sierpe


Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron


Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron in Sierpe

Juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Heron in Sierpe


American Crocodile


American Crocodile in Sierpe

American Crocodile in Sierpe


White Ibis


White Ibis in Sierpe


Slider Turtle


Slider Turtle in Sierpe


Jesus Lizard


Jesus Lizard in Sierpe


Mangrove Swallow


Mangrove Swallow

Mangrove Swallow in Sierpe


Boat Billed Heron


Boat Billed Heron in Sierpe


Proboscis Bat


Bats in Sierpe

Bats in Sierpe




Iguana in Sierpe

Female Iguana in Sierpe


Barn Owls


Barn Owls in Sierpe


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We recommend booking your tour ahead of time with the Uvita Tourism Center. They’ll streamline your reservation and make sure you get all the details you need to know for an adventure on the river. The private 3-hour tour is $100 for the first two people and $30 for each additional person.

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amazing wildlife photos of the sierpe river that will make you want to visit today


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