Reflections on One Year of Nomadic Life: In Photos

This post was last updated on September 17th, 2014

One Year of Travel

Today marks our one year anniversary of being fully nomadic. It’s kind of incredible to believe that we’ve been living out of our backpacks, with no permanent address, and no official home base, for the past 365 days. In some ways it has gone by incredibly quickly. In other ways it feels like this is how we’ve always lived, going where we want, when we want.

We’ve learned a crazy amount about the world and ourselves over the past year. Next week we’ll share our reflections on being ‘digital nomads’, whether we think we’ll travel like this forever, and what we’ve learned about the lifestyle. But today we just wanted to reminisce for a bit about where the past year has taken us.

When we left Taiwan, we didn’t have an itinerary or a plan. Looking back, it’s kind of crazy where we decided to go and how much time we decided to spend in each country. Some places, like Panama, we never intended on visiting – but we ended up going twice and have plans to stop through again in about two months.

Overall, the past year took us to: Vietnam, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada and Brazil. We like to think that we travel rather slowly, but looking back at all that we crammed into one year, we’re not so sure anymore!

We hope you’ll reminisce with us as we take you through a whirlwind of photos and memories. A huge thanks to everyone that has been reading and following along with all of our journeys. If you missed some of them, you can always read up on all of the countries and adventures from our Destinations Page


Halong Bay 4

Kayaking Halong Bay

Longboat Vietnam

Vietnam Temple

Ox Cart Vietnam

Laundry in Vietnam

Vietnamese Cookout

cycling Ho Chi Minh Highway

Cycling Vietnam

Vietnamese Family

Vietnamese Home

A Cruising Couple at Waterfall

Old Palace

Ho Chi Minh Highway

Cycling Vietnam

Soccer with a Cow

Vietnamese Rice Field


Costa Rica

Housesitting Costa Rica neighborhood


Chocolate Tasting

Caseys Favorite Things

A Cruising Couple Dan and Casey

Casey on a palm tree



Whitewater Rafting

Costa Rica Animals

Santa Teresa Sunset

Yoga Headstand

Santa Teresa Sunset


Blue Osa Staff

Blue Osa


Bocas Del Toro Houses

Dolphin Bay Bocas Del Toro


Starfish Beach Bocas Del Toro

Starfish Beach Bocas Del Toro_3


Seasoned Photographer

Panama Independence



Baby Turtles

Whale Baby



Horseback Riding


San Pancho_BBQ

Ek Balam

A Cruising Couple El Balam


Isla Mujeres

Cenote Swim

Palapas del Sol



Stockholm Sweden

Horse Riding

Snow Ski

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Casey Yoga



Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel

Icelandic Cattle

Llamas in Yllas Finland

Reindeer Sleigh Ride

Snowmobiling Yllas

Northern Lights Finland



Fishing in Lofoten

Fishing Boat Lofoten





Arc de Triumphe


Love Lock


A Cruising Couple In Bruges

Belgian Waffle


Bruges Canal Cruise






Holland Cheese


Great Coast Road Trip

Casey at Sunset

Challenge Course

Bungy Jumping

Victoria British Colombia


Back to Panama

Isla Iguana

Taco Stand

National Park Campana

Panama City Panama



Morro de Sao Paulo

Yoga Church

Brazil Tattoo

Brazilian Fans

Brazil Fans

World Cup Match


Christ the Redeemer



Sunset at Ipanema

A Cruising Couple Rio


We hope you’ll check back with us next week to see our Reflections on One Year of Nomadic Travels: In Words. Are we going to travel like this forever? Are we getting tired of traveling? What have been the highs and lows of one year of nomadic living? We’ll spill all the answers!

What have been your favorite travel stories and photos we covered from the past year? Where would you go if you had the freedom to just go anywhere? As always, feedback and comments greatly appreciated!


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  1. WOW! No wonder I had trouble keeping up with you! You were everywhere! This is a terrific review of photos. Looking forward to the next one! Love to both of you

    • Thank you! Haha we had trouble keeping up with ourselves, too ;-)

  2. What an incredible year of traveling you have had! It is hard to believe that you’ve already been doing this for a year, especially considering all the different corners of the globe you have visited in that short amount of time! You guys have really taken to it like naturals, so I can only imagine what amazing adventures you’ll find for yourselves in year 2!
    Steph (@ 20 Years Hence) recently posted…For Travel’s SakeMy Profile

    • Thanks, Steph! I know, isn’t it crazy how quickly time flies?! Hoping we’ll get to meet up during year two :)

  3. Congratulations on your one year milestone. I loved seeing the year in review through your pictures and I am eagerly awaiting reading your comments in your next post. My husband and I are closing in on 6 months on the road with some mixed feelings. Traveling is so rewarding. It can also get exhausting if down time is not built into the schedule. Can’t wait to read your take!
    Joanne Joseph recently posted…What brought us to Edinburgh Scotland?My Profile

    • Thank you Joanne! We definitely understand the mixed feelings part and will be talking a lot about that on Monday. You are so right though – it’s exhausting if you’re always dealing with ‘traveler’s guilt’ and trying to go, go, go! :)

  4. Nice recap! Looking forward to more adventures.

    • Thanks Wilson! Happy to know you’ll be following along.

    • Thank you! And that’s awesome that we have been able to share some of our photography tips. Hopefully there will be many more useful guides on the way :)

  5. Wow guys I find it hard to believe you’ve only been on the road for 1 year! You’ve had some amazing adventures, created wonderful memories and have some breathtaking pictures.

    It has been a joy following your journey so far. I look forward to many more of your travel tales.
    The Guy recently posted…How To Use Annoying Habits Of Travellers To Hack Off Everybody ElseMy Profile

    • Thank you! I know, we really can’t believe that it has already been one whole year. Though in other ways, we can’t even remember what life was like before haha!

  6. Yay, congratulations! Blimey, you’ve done a lot in one year! Looking forward to reading your ‘in words’ version.
    Sam recently posted…Best Reads: July 2014My Profile

    • Thanks Sam! Gosh we look at those photos and we’re like, no wonder why we are tired haha!

  7. Wow you guys have had quite a year! So jealous! Crazy it’s been a year already! I remember meeting you guys and you had just started your journey. Looks like it has been amazing so far and looking forward to seeing where you guys “cruise” around for the rest of 2014 :)
    Samantha recently posted…Traveler Interview with Margherita and Nicholas from The Crowded PlanetMy Profile

    • I know, I can’t believe that it was almost a year ago that we met! Wishing you guys all the best as you get ready for some round the world travels of your own :) Wish we could be meeting in Costa Rica again!

    • Thank you! Don’t be jealous though :) Let us know if we can ever help you plan some trips of your own!

      • Thanks- will do! And vice- versa :)

    • Thanks Sara! We have to admit, it was so hard to narrow down from all our Vietnam photos – it is just such an incredibly beautiful country! A great way to start our year :)

  8. Such a fantastic overview! And I can attest to the fact that a collection like this will get even better with age. You’ll revisit the images months, years down the road, and memory after memory will come rising up again. Lovely project :)
    Bethany ~ twoOregonians recently posted…Back to British Columbia: Woven Lands, Woven LivesMy Profile

    • Thank you :) That’s definitely one of the biggest reasons why we blog. As much as we love our readers, we know one day all of these blog posts and memories will mean so much :)

  9. WOW WOW WOW…what an incredible journey. Absolutely amazing travel story and pics.. and to such wunderbar places as well. Envy does def not fall into my character but geez man one cannot help but envy you guys.
    I cannot wait to pack up house and home at the end of December, climb in my rebuilt little Land Rover that I have spent a year and a half prepping for a lifelong journey into the unknown.
    Seeing what you guys have achieved in one year has inspired so much and motivates me while looking forward to some great exciting times….and probably a few low ones as well… so what!!
    Thanx for sharing all the memories
    Happy Travels……. and may we maybe meet on the road someday.

    • How exciting that you will be heading out in just a few months! Sounds like you’ll be having many crazy and envy-worthy adventures of your own :) I hope we do meet on the road one day – you never know! And I’m so glad to know that we were able to inspire you a bit. That’s what makes all this blogging worth it :)

  10. From north of the Arctic Circle to south of the equator and many places in between, what a year! You continually amaze. Very best wishes for many more happy adventures.

    • Thank you :) :) We did cover some serious mileage haha!

    • Thanks Franca! Hoping we meet one day on the road. Maybe during year two? ;-)

  11. Some fantastic photos. I was going to ask what your favorite spots were but I guess I’ll have to wait until the next post.
    Good job,
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Haha yes!! Come back on Monday – I’ll make sure to answer them then :)

    • Thanks Aleah! They were adorable. We also got to see a leatherback turtle laying eggs in Costa Rica, but unfortunately we couldn’t take photos of that one :)

  12. Holy moly, now that has been a ride indeed, thanks for taking us along! Taking into account you consider yourself slow travellers you covered quite and impressive itinerary I have to say… ;) But in the end slow travel is probably less about distance than depth…
    May there be many more “365 days” posts coming! And I already look forward to the “Reflections on A Decade of Nomadic Life” post as well… ;)
    Happy travels and take care,
    Oliver recently posted…Made by Hand ~ [No. 5] The Bike MakerMy Profile

    • So glad to have you along! Haha what a post that would be though – a decade of nomadic life :) You never know what is possible though! :) We’ll definitely be slowing our slow travels down next year. But you’ll have to check back Monday to hear more about that ;-P

  13. Congratulations on this incredible year of travel! It’s been a pleasure to follow along on your journey and I can’t wait to read about your future plans!
    Heather recently posted…Rundale Palace: The Versailles of LatviaMy Profile

    • Thank you Heather! Truly hoping our travels connect one day :)

    • We would love to meet up if we are in the same area Lex! We love meeting people on our travels, it’s what traveling is all about :-)

    • Haha thanks Lillie! We’ll definitely keep it coming for ya :-)

    • We have been really fortunate to have all of these experiences in the past year. We can only image what opportunities next year will bring :-)

    • Sorry to hear your under the weather Sabina. Hopefully you’ll be feeling better soon! Whenever you need a sunny beach photo to cheer you up we’ve got a couple in stock for you :-)

  14. I love to read stories “throughout” photographs, it’s something I think I do too, and Dan you are a fantastic photographer, I love how you convey emotions throughout your pictures!
    Now I’m curious to read Casey’s words insight :)
    You’re a perfect couple!!!! :)
    Pam | a Blonde around the World recently posted…TOP 5 DESTINATIONS TO ESCAPE TO THIS FALL/WINTERMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Pam! I truly believe that Casey’s writing tops my photos any day, but I dare say we make a pretty good team :-)

  15. It’s so cool seeing a year of adventures in pictures! It’s just like happy, joyous, awesome scrolling right there!
    Becci recently posted…Living Local in Chitwan, NepalMy Profile

  16. Seems like you had the time of your life. :)
    Amazing photos, keep on going!





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