Top 4 Las Vegas Activities Outside The Casino

This post was last updated on July 26th, 2016

It was one of the most anticipated stops on our honeymoon road trip: the celebrated City of Lights—

Bellagio Las Vegas

Las Vegas

We were ready for the gambling and nightlife, and for the overall spectacle of bachelor parties, elaborate hotels, and well-dressed millionaires. But past the debauchery-filled picture of Vegas that Hollywood has created, we had no idea what to expect from the city.

To our surprise, we quickly found out that there was much more to Las Vegas than poker chips alone—so much that we wished we had done a bit of research prior to our arrival.

Don’t be like us. With such a large amount to do in Las Vegas, you’ll want to get inspiration before you go. We recommend these top 4 Las Vegas activities to get you started:

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas


Visit A Show

We are huge Cirque du Soleil fans, so naturally this was our show of choice. The acrobatics, humor, live music, and audience involvement go above and beyond every time. But Cirque du Soleil is just one of the many shows to choose from, with other options including Jersey Boys, Rock of Ages, and Absinthe. Additionally, we’ve heard great things about Blue Man Group, which will likely be our next show of choice.

Tour The Hoover Dam

You can’t visit Vegas without stopping at this man-made wonder. We recommend combining adventure and class (our two favorite things) with a Pink Jeep Hoover Dam Tour. Don’t worry—if pink isn’t your color, there are other luxurious vehicle options to choose from. With panoramic windows, this is a great way to take plenty of photographs of the Hoover Dam and surrounding natural landscape.

Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Another favorite memory from our honeymoon was drifting up-up-and-away in a hot air balloon. While ours was in New Mexico, we wouldn’t hesitate to take a ride over the rugged Nevada landscape. You certainly don’t have to be a romantic couple to appreciate the view from 1000 feet above. After riding for nearly an hour, you’ll end the tour with an air balloon tradition: a celebratory champagne toast. Could there possibly be a better way to begin your day?

Go On A Vegas Nights Helicopter Tour

If you like the idea of viewing Vegas from the air but you’re looking for something with a bit more speed, we recommend a night helicopter tour. The famous sights of the Las Vegas Strip will look completely different when you’re sipping on champagne in the limousine of the sky. And what better way to appreciate the grandeur of The City of Lights than from up above?


These are just four of the numerous activities Las Vegas has to offer. Luckily, you don’t need to get overwhelmed by all the options. can help you plan and book tickets to all the adventures listed above—and many more. While we love roulette as much as the next person, it would be a shame to visit Las Vegas without taking part in its other memorable activities.


 Have you been to Las Vegas? What’s your favorite thing to do?



  1. On the last trip to Vegas, we rented a car and took a trip to the Hoover Dam and outside of the city. It was a breath of fresh air after a long day of gambling and Vegas shows.

    • Great advice! We enjoyed Hoover Dam as well- always good to get out of the casinos where you never know what time of day it is!

  2. When I hear Las Vegas, I always associate it with casinos and having great night outs but these 4 activities are great to try too. Among the 4 activities, I tried only 2 and these are visiting the Hoover Dam and visiting a lot of amazing shows. I am excited to take a hote air balloon ride and of course get to experience to go on a Vegas night helicopter tour. That would really be amazing and awesome. I hope to visit Las Vegas again and maybe bring along my kids as well.

    • My relatives took a helicopter ride over Vegas at night and showed us the video. It looks awesome!!! They flew right next to the Vegas “Space Needle” and you could see all the people eating in the restaurant :-p

  3. What I love most about Las Vegas is the diversity. I have never been to a city where there are so many different cultures and things to do that I love such as … Also I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and engaging,

  4. Really great ideas. A hot air ballon ride was not on my list, but is now. The hubs and I are planning on a drive out to Vegas and stopping at the Grand Canyon and touring the Hoover Dam as well. Looking forward to reading more of your posts for ideas.
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