For a rainy day. When planning a trip. If seeking new flavors. Or looking for new friends. Here’s a collection of our favorite blogs. Our hope is that they will inspire you to do more, and dream bigger. Happy reading :-)

Travel Blogs

AngloItalian, Follow Us!: Searching for Architecture, Art, Design & Music during their ongoing travels

As We Travel:  Full of the latest travel advice, clutter-free city guides, fun travel tips and HD travel videos from around the world

Backpack ME: They travel the world and share it with you

Backpacking Travel Blog: We’ll show you the world

Banana Roti: Food blog of a budget traveler

Bridges and Balloons: Live the life you want to, not the one you think you should

Beers and Beans: Storytellers of travel tales near and far

ExpatsBlog: Directory of expat blogs from around the world

FlipNomad: Traveling does not need to be expensive…

Goats on the Road: For independent and off-the-beaten-path travel

Inside the Travel Lab: A thoughtful blog on luxury travel

Johnny Vagabond: Join Wes on his budget trip around the world. He’s traveling cheap, taking pics and telling lies

Let Love Guide: A sweet blog about enjoying life

Love and Adventure: Sharing tips and tricks for getting the most out of your adventures

My Several Worlds: Travel Asia with Carrie Kellenberger

Nomadic Samuel: Culture vulture in search of food and adventure

Oneika the Traveller: The only question is: Where to next?

Over Yonderlust: High School sweethearts who left their cubicle to travel the world

Smiling Faces Travel Photos: It will put a smile on your face

The Polar Route: One of the best travel photography blogs out there

roundTAIWANround: A comprehensive online guide to Taiwan

That Backpacker: Food, culture, adventure

The Time-Crunched Traveler: Explore the world, 2 weeks at a time

The Travel Hack: The stylish adventure blog

TravelFREAK: Inspiring stories for the curious traveler

True Nomads: Justin sold all his things and left home. He traded his possessions for dreams.. Dreams of traveling the world, getting lost, and living life free and to the fullest.

Ways of Wanderers: Everyday travel

Know of a really great site that should be on our list? As long as it inspires us, we’ll add it, travel related or not. Just send us a message or comment below!