The Ultimate Way to See New Zealand: A Camper Van Road Trip

McArthurs Pass

I was studying in Australia when some friends and I decided to take a 10-day trip around the south island of New Zealand. We had never taken a trip together and all had different ideas about what we wanted to do and see. But once we started researching all the amazing experiences New Zealand has […]

Pittsburgh: Road Trip Closes, Airport Gates Open

If you read any of our posts about San Diego, Napa Valley, or Portland and Seattle, it was probably pretty obvious that we were having a splendid time exploring the West Coast. But there is one thing all those great places lack, and that’s family Our last few stops of the road trip were spent […]

Chicago: Razzlin’ and Dazzlin’


It started off as a town built out of entirely too much wood. Then fire swept through, causing destruction of epic proportions and the deaths of hundreds. But the result was an immediate rebuilding that transformed the place into one of America’s most important cities. Chicago!! Chicago really is a place like no other. Situated […]

Boulder and Blair Buddies

So Tired

Since we have both done our fair share of international traveling, we’ve made great American friends abroad who live in all sorts of cool places in the US. Dan’s fellow Australia travel partner, Doug, lives outside Boulder, Colorado, and one of Casey’s good friends she met in India lives in Blair, Nebraska. Both took us […]

Yellowstone: Where the Buffalo Roam (Really Close to Your Car)

Yellowstone Buffalo

Yellowstone is an amazing destination for anyone who loves getting up close and personal with nature. A popular way of getting to Yellowstone is by flying into Jackson Hole Airport and renting a car for the 56 mile drive to the south entrance of the park. With your car you are then free to explore […]

Portland vs Seattle


Upon arriving in Portland, we were immediately informed that most people visit the city for three reasons: to eat/drink, enjoy the outdoors, and evaluate the location’s livability before moving there. While we aren’t really looking to settle down anywhere in the US right now, we definitely thought we would give the first two a go. […]

Napa Valley: Our New Favorite

Napa Valley was absolutely perfect. We loved everything about it, from the quaint Old World Inn where we stayed, to the fact that we just so happened to be amongst the vineyards on our one-month anniversary. Better yet, still being on our honeymoon, we received numerous freebies that included extra glasses of reserve sparkling wine and all […]

San Francisco: Our Little Gold Rush

We tend to do a lot of walking when we visit new cities. So this post is an itinerary for those who would like to spend their time in San Francisco like we did–accumulating lots and lots of miles! We used mapmyrun to retrace our steps and make the count as accurate as possible.  (The mile markers […]

Road Trip: LA Monterey Santa Sur

We have been irreconcilably behind on our blog. No matter how hard we try, we really just can’t seem to keep everyone up-to-date on the daily occurrences of our lives. So we’re going to do a quick catch-up of our Road Trip in three Californian cities and one infamous highway in our attempt to get […]

6 Reasons Why We LOVE San Diego

1. Farmers’ Markets We always love farmers’ markets (they are concentrated areas of free samples) but the ones in San Diego are just especially delectable. You can actually find fresh and local produce in an assortment of neighborhoods almost every day of the week. We visited two during our weekend stay: the Little Italy Mercato and […]