How to Hike Corcovado National Park: The Ultimate Jungle Adventure

Corcovado National Park Beach Hike

The welcoming committee at Corcovado isn’t the kind you meet everyday.     As our boat docked on the northwestern edge of the Osa Peninsula, a group of five White Capuchin Monkeys ran out from the trees, playfully greeting us as we disembarked.  They would disappear moments later, before anyone had time to take out […]

Day 169: Wine Bottle Glasses DIY

Wine Bottle Glasses

A pretty cool trick for reusing old wine bottles. Wrap yarn around the top of the bottle about 3 or 4 times (as shown) and tie a knot. Take it off and soak the yarn in nail polish remover. Rewrap the string. Light the soaked yarn on fire CAREFULLY! Burn for about 30 seconds while […]

Day 91: Clementine Candle

Looks Kinda Like Stars

Learned about a really cool trick you can do with clementines. Apparently they are not only delicious, but  they make a pretty amazing clementine candle! All you have to do is cut the skin around the circumference and peel both halves off, careful not to rip the skin. One end should have a “wick” and […]

Natural Spring Water: More Than Just Water

Fillin' Up

Around 5:00 pm, five of us squeezed into a truck to make the trek to the mountains outside of San Diego. We spent an hour driving past ripe avocado bushes while the smell of wild sage streamed through our open windows. We were in pursuit of something readily available inside the city; however, we wanted […]

Carbon Conundrum

Pitstop on the 19 hour trip to NYC through the blizzard of '09

By Dan I bet you’re wondering how an environmental science major can take a 7-week road trip across the US and not feel a tad bit guilty about all the emissions. Well I do, and so does Casey.  So we’ve decided to do  something about it. I consulted the EPA Website and did some number crunching […]