Over the past 10 years, we’ve flown on dozens of international flights and there is a trend we are noticing. On more and more long-haul flights, airlines are doing away with in-flight entertainment. If it does happen to be available, like on our recent trip back from Costa Rica, airlines are making you pay an equivalent of a movie theater ticket to watch on-demand movies on a tiny little screen.

So after you’ve already paid hundreds of dollars to get to where you want to go, how can you ensure that you stay entertained without forking up even more money to watch a movie on your next flight? Here’s where Movavi comes in.

Most movie buffs know that Blu-ray offers some of the best visual and audio experiences for watching movies in your own home. If you have Blu-ray movies at home, you likely know that it is difficult to watch them without a specialized Blu-ray dvd player, making watching your favorite movies on your laptop or mobile device impossible. That’s because Blu-ray is formatted in M2TS where most laptops and mobile devices (even YouTube) are set up to read MP4 formatted files.

By using Movavi you can easily convert M2TS to MP4 so you can watch your favorite high definition movies right from your own personal device! Here’s how it works:

1. Once you have the program installed, choose the M2TS file you’d like to convert. You can choose multiple files at once if you haven’t decided on a favorite.

2. Select the desired output format, MP4, and then choose if you’d like to convert for a specific device. You can choose from many different options including cell phone if you prefer to keep your MP4 on your mobile device.

3. Choose which folder on your computer you’d like your download to be sent to and hit convert. It’s that easy!

Movavi doesn’t just work with M2TS files either. You can convert AVI, DVD, MOV, WAV and more!

The next time you’re taking a long haul flight and don’t want to pay for in-flight entertainment, or you simply have a movie or three that you’ve already picked out that you know won’t be available to you at 30,000 feet, use Movavi to convert your M2TS files into MP4s so you can watch them with the same HD quality wherever your travels take you.

Have you ever used Movavi before? Share your experience in the comments below!