Etiquette is important on cruises, and there are certain rules that you should follow to make sure you get the most from your experience. The last thing you want to do is upset other guests without realising what you are doing wrong. Cruises are relaxed environments where everyone is in the holiday spirit. But you are going to be living for many days and nights with the same people, so it is a good idea to follow these basic guidelines to ensure everyone has a great experience.

Follow the Correct Dress Code

Cruises have different dress codes that you should adhere to. Many cruises will have formal evenings, for which you may need formal clothing. If you book your cruise on one of the P&O fleet of ships, check the dress code for your cruise in advance so you know what to pack. There will be a daily programme, and there may also be general rules such as no shorts in the dining room.

Ensure You Care for Your Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is so important on cruises to prevent the spread of viruses like norovirus. You’ve probably read about incidents where hundreds of passengers become ill on cruises, and although this is rare, you should still take all the precautions you can. This means washing your hands before eating and using hand sanitizer throughout the day. Also, avoid picking food from the buffet using your hands.

Keep Noise (and Kids) Under Control

Noise control is important on cruises, so be courteous to other passengers. Avoid shouting, playing loud music and turning your TV up to full volume. Also avoid running too early in the morning because people will be sleeping below the deck.

Kids can also be noisy. Even though some cruises are aimed at families, make sure your kids are not out of control. There may be adult-only areas of the ship, and there is also safety to consider, both for your children and for other passengers.

Don’t Reserve Your Seats

Avoid placing your belongings on the sun loungers beside the pool and then going off to do something else. In fact, cruise lines may even clear your belongings after a while if you don’t show up. Everyone has the right to use the sun loungers, so only put your belongings on one when you are actually using it.

You should also avoid booking out too many seats when you go to the theatre or the dining area. While it’s fine to book a couple of seats, don’t book out whole rows or tables because the whole party might not show, and other people may want to use them.

Put Money Aside for Tips

Tips are expected on most cruises, so make sure you have some money for these. Find out about the policy of the cruise because they differ. You may want to give tips to stewards and waiters during the cruise or one tip at the end. You may even be able to add your tip to the bill at the end.

Make Your First Cruise a Good Experience for Everyone

A cruise is a wonderful holiday, but remember that you will be sharing the ship with many other people and you should ensure that you do not ruin the experience for someone else through being unaware of cruise etiquette. So keep these tips in mind and ensure you have a fantastic cruise.

Michael Wilson works as the Managing Director of Bolsover Cruise Club, a company his parents started back in the late 1960’s, although it was originally called Bolsover Travel. Michael still passionately runs the business, taking interest in all aspects. When he’s not working, Michael likes to spend holidays with his family, watching rugby and gardening.