The past few days have been pretty sucky. Like, probably the suckiest that we have had in the past three + years of living and traveling abroad. We weren’t going to mention anything on the blog about it for a little bit, but the incident has been weighing pretty heavily on our minds. As a result, a couple of the details are coming out here. We have some really positive things to share as well, though, so we promise not to dwell on the negative bits for too long.


It’s best to start by saying that we just had one incredible month of traveling around Colombia. We were continually moved by the generosity and hospitality of the locals, and we can honestly say that Colombia will always hold a very special place in our hearts. But on our very last day in the country, in Bogota City, we were robbed.


On Getting Robbed In Colombia


Three young men jumped us from behind. It was noon on a Sunday, a beautiful day with families going for walks and kids playing outside. It happened just feet away from where a police officer was standing on the side of a busy road. We won’t go into all the details, but at the end of the incident, the thieves managed to take our two MacBooks, our iPad, and our iPhone. Like I said, pretty sucky. We still have hope we might track down something.


We made a handful of amazing Colombian friends who have been helping us. They are in Bogota continually checking in with the police, trying to put a bit of pressure on them to do something. We have a friend in Brazil trying to track down our Brazilian SIM card still in the iPad. We were also able to identify photos of the guys who robbed us at the police station, and we have all the GPS tracking on to locate any of the devices when they connect to WiFi. SO we are hopeful, even though it’s more likely than not that we will never see our devices again. We’re in Panama now which makes it a bit difficult to do anything ourselves.


That’s all the sucky stuff. Well, most of it at least. We won’t go into all of the other ridiculous factors that conspired against us in the incident. Instead, we are trying to focus on the positive, like how we had all of our work backed up online and how we have incredible support from a community of people spanning South America. And luckily, we have really, really good news, too: In just two days we are finally making our long-anticipated return to Costa Rica – and, more specifically, Blue Osa.


In just two days we are finally making our long-anticipated return to Costa Rica – and, more specifically, Blue Osa. It has been just about a year since we last stumbled upon this yoga retreat in our favorite part of Costa Rica, and we have been thinking about it ever since.


Blue Osa


A lot of our blog readers probably know by now that I’m pretty into yoga. Well, since we lived in Taiwan, I have wanted to participate in a Yoga Teacher Training Immersion Program. After visiting Blue Osa last year, I knew if I was ever going to do it, it had to be here. I was so moved by the space, the jungle, the people, the farm-to-table food, the tangible ways that Blue Osa was making a difference in the community… I felt a gut instinct that I had to return here in the fall for Yogi Aaron’s annual teacher training program. And I am incredibly grateful to say that on the 18th of October (just a few days!) I will be beginning that very yoga teacher training program.


Blue Osa Food

Practicing Yoga at Blue Osa


I’m kind of freaking out for a bunch of reasons. I have all the usual doubts and fears that I won’t be good enough or that waking up at 4:30 am every morning for meditation will be the death of me. But I also can’t wait to wake up to the sounds of howler monkeys, to have macaws flit by, and to see the ocean from my downward dog.  More than anything else, I am just crazy excited to finally practice yoga with a community. After all the stress of the past few days, I couldn’t be more ready to return to paradise, surround myself with good people, and spend some serious time connecting on my mat. Without all of our computers and gadgets, it doesn’t look like I’ll have a huge choice in the matter, anyway.


Blue Osa Yoga Retreat

Dinner at Blue Osa


Things might be a little bit quiet on the blog during the training. We will have updates every Monday with all the recent happenings at Blue Osa, and we have a few awesome guest posts from fellow travel bloggers scheduled to come out, so keep an eye out for those. Dan will be solely responsible for just about all of the blogging responsibilities, so we apologize in advance if it takes a little longer than usual to respond. But we promise we are still reading all comments and emails, and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


That said, we are going to be sharing tons of live updates on all of our social media sites, and we do hope that you’ll be part of our Blue Osa journey. As Dan has less of an interest in yoga, he won’t be participating in the training, but he will be there as the official photographer. That means we will have tons of visual updates on both our Facebook and Instagram.


That’s about it from us here at the moment. This isn’t quite the blog post we had planned for today and please excuse any typos as I am typing on a keyboard that’s doesn’t work while simultaneously attempting to convince the Colombian police to go to the spot where our iPad was last detected via GPS…


So, it is with insane excitement that we say: Blue Osa, here we come!!


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