The Ancient Complexes of Borobudur and Prambanan


This is Borobudur. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. More than likely you haven’t. We definitely had no idea what the word Borobudur meant before beginning all of our Indonesia Google-searches. Now we can tell you the name translates into something like ‘temple above the hill’. But that’s not really all that important because, I mean, […]

Taiwan’s Boat Burning Festival, 2012


Sometimes it gets a bit easy to forget that we are expats, living halfway across the world from “the peak of good living” (otherwise known as Apex, N.C.). People always seem surprised when I say that, probably assuming that the whole not-speaking-Chinese thing might remind us we are in Asia oh… say… every time we […]

365 Photo Project Completed!

There’s a website out there called the 365 Project. Essentially it challenges you to document a year of your life by taking a photo every day. You can upload your photos to their website, but since we already have our own blog we thought we would take the idea and upload our own photos here. […]

Day 347: Iconic Temple at Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge

  Taroko Gorge is Taiwan’s biggest tourist attraction, boasting 22 kilometers of majestic mountains dropping off into steep ravines. It is easily one of our favorite spots in Taiwan, so naturally we had to bring our family to experience its beauty as well! Don’t miss our entire post on camping and hiking in Taroko Gorge.  

Day 344: The Fam

The Family

Day 341: Temple


Day 317: Shrine


  These small shrines to gods are very common. We stumbled upon this one while hiking in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. We’re familiar with the miniature incense sticks in the middle; however, we don’t know too much about the gods on display. Does anyone have more knowledge about what’s depicted here […]

Day 304: Prayers


  The incense sticks, the calligraphy, and the colors come together to provide a snapshot of everyday living in Taiwan.

Day 303: Statues


  A few of the statues at the Gu Chi Feng statue park in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It is one of the most off-beat attractions we’ve  visited during our time in Taiwan, with hundreds of seemingly abandoned statues littering the park grounds. You can read more about the park and the statues here.

Day 224: Watching You

Watching You