Navigating Hue’s Ancient Past

A Cruising Couple Perfume River Hue Vietnam

Our first few weeks of cycling were just about as off-the-beaten-path as they come (have a look back at those road conditions if you don’t believe us!). As much as we loved—and are still loving—getting an intimate look at everyday Vietnamese life, by the time we arrived in the popular tourist city of Hue, we […]

Sunday Snapshot | Bathing Buddha | Hong Kong

A Cruising Couple Sunday Snapshot

A while back we celebrated Buddha’s birthday by going to see one of the largest Buddhas in the world.  While we did a lot of talking about that big Buddha, we never had the chance to picture the smaller one.   The washing of Buddha is a ceremony that signifies the cleansing of both outer […]

Sunday Snapshot | 20 Years Hence | Kampot, Cambodia

A Cruising Couple Sunday Snapshot

  The image is of a 13 year-old monk in training we met in a small wat outside of Kampot, Cambodia. He had just finished showing Steph the proper way to pray to Buddha and was very curious about the both of us. His English was quite good, as he was studying it at the […]

A Walk Through Macau’s Historic Center

A Cruising Couple Senado Square Macau

For many people, the name Macau is synonymous with one thing only: gambling. Referred to as the Las Vegas of the East, Macau has actually overtaken its American counterpart in terms of revenue and size. Prosperous Chinese mainlanders cross the border via bus; the wealthy from Hong Kong utilize the speedy ferries (and even helicopters!) […]

Lantau Island’s Big Buddha: Is It Worth It?

Tian Tan Buddha Lantau Island Hong Kong

Lantau Island’s Big Buddha—Is it worth it?   Tian Tan Buddha, or simply the Big Buddha, is one of the world’s largest Buddhas as well as a popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Serenely nestled on the hills of Lantau Island, it also takes a bit of a time commitment and varying amounts of dough (not […]

Sunday Snapshot | Happy Birthday Buddha | Lantau Island, Hong Kong

A Cruising Couple Sunday Snapshot

Happy Birthday Buddha! After a harrowing bus ride, we finally arrived at Tian Tan Buddha–the world’s largest outdoor seated bronze Buddha (with quite possibly the longest name).  We alighted from the bus only to find ourselves immersed in a cloud. Despite being one of the largest Buddhas in the world, we could barely make out […]

Tainan Walking Tour: Retracing Taiwan’s Oldest Streets

Chihkan Tower Tainan

Our first visit to Tainan was almost exactly a year ago. We didn’t plan to make exploring the historic streets of Tainan an annual event, but Andrea Bocelli happened to be performing there this past weekend. And because my husband is ahhh-mazing, he surprised me with concert tickets to see the Italian opera singer I’ve […]

Padangbai Barong Dance: An Exorcism Ceremony

We weren’t expecting to see spiritual warfare when we went to Padangbai. Our main purpose for visiting the small fishing village was actually just to check out the action below the water: reef sharks, manta rays, turtles, and general ocean scenes seemingly taken straight from Finding Nemo. And while we were fortunate to experience the […]

Ubud, Bali: More than just ‘Eat, Pray, Love’

Balinese Dance

We were sitting at breakfast in the middle of who-knows-where-Java, drenched to the bone and devouring our glamorous breakfast of plain toast and Nescafe after a failed attempt at climbing Mt. Bromo.  (Well, in all fairness, we succeeded in waking up at 4am and climbing to the viewpoint to see the sunrise. It was the […]

Getting Out Of Kuta

Jimbaran Bay

We had heard the warnings. Fellow travelers felt personally responsible to inform us that Kuta was now the remnants of a past paradise, transformed into an overrun tourist town where too many high-priced souvenirs and western restaurants (think Hard Rock Café and Wendys) now dominate the landscape. We heeded their kind advice, and chose to […]