14 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Around the World

A Cruising Couple Hello Kitty Taipei Taiwan

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. We don’t particularly enjoy all the commercialism that surrounds the holiday, but we do love any excuse to celebrate. So if it means getting dolled up, eating scrumptious food and sipping on good wine… well, we can handle that. Last year we celebrated […]

Big Life Changes – What the Heck Are We Thinking?!

A Cruising Couple Featured

With only a few more weeks left of our time in Taiwan, everyone keeps asking us the same question: What are you going to do now?   Our answer? Why travel, of course.     This in turn leads to quizzical expressions accompanied by a variety of the following statements:   “How long will you […]

If You Had Told Us Two Years Ago…

Earthquake on the Toilet

Our time in Taiwan is dwindling to an end. We have exactly one month and one day until we say goodbye to the place we’ve called home for two years. That’s only 32 days. 32 days to explore the pockets of the island that have remained too elusive to us up to this point; 32 […]

The No-Nonsense Travel Guide to Hong Kong

Wine and Cheese Night Hong Kong Travel Guide Free Seating

Why Go? Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city, featuring luxurious hotels and unsurpassed fine dining. We expected to find an overabundance of commercialization and skyscrapers, and not much more. While we certainly did find those things (is there really a need for a shopping mall at nearly every metro stop?) we were also pleased to […]

Dear Life

Sun Moon Lake Rain

Sun Moon Lake-Taiwan June 16, 2013 5:30 pm   Dear Life,   Thank you for mugs of hot tea on rainy, summer days. Thank you for the rain as it patters on the roof, as it fills and replenishes the stores of this lake.   Thank you for Sun Moon Lake, for the beauty of the mountains it reflects, […]

6 Ways to Photograph the Hong Kong Skyline

A Cruising Couple Tsim Sha Tsui Victoria Harbor Hong Kong Skyline

It’s no secret that Hong Kong has one of the most beautiful skylines in the world. Still, I didn’t expect to be wowed by it quite like I was. Towering skyscrapers, their reflection shimmering on Victoria Harbor, appeared to engulf us on all sides. By day the lofty buildings were a reminder of how many […]

You’re Invited To Celebrate Our Anniversary…In Hong Kong!

Tarzier Philippines

We’re two years old today! Okay, it’s just our marriage that is two years old. And it’s not actually today, it’s May 20th.   But we’re calling it close enough since we started celebrating when we flew into Hong Kong at the crack of dawn this morning. Don’t worry. We’re not going to ramble on […]

Taiwan Calla Lily Festival: Frolicking Permitted

A Cruising Couple Calla Lily Picking

Every spring, the small town of Jhuzihu is overcome by white, delicate Calla lilies, as field after field bursts into nearly two million blooms.  The annual Calla Lily Festival attracts families and lovers from all around Taiwan, producing a serene and idyllic setting. Children eagerly bounce through the fields; ladies point out their favorite blossoms for their […]

The Gili Islands: A Guide to the Magical Stepping Stones of Lombok

Bali To Gili Meno Fast Boat

The Gili Islands are known for being some of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia, having managed to preserve their pristine beaches and authenticity despite growing tourism to Bali and Lombok. And by authenticity, I mean the only form of land transportation is horse carriage or bicycle! Ah-mazing, especially after living in Taiwan where I’m […]

365 Photo Project Completed!

There’s a website out there called the 365 Project. Essentially it challenges you to document a year of your life by taking a photo every day. You can upload your photos to their website, but since we already have our own blog we thought we would take the idea and upload our own photos here. […]