Day 246: Big City Mall Grand Opening

Big Cty Mall Grand Opening

Chingchuan Adventures Outside Hsinchu: Hot Springs and B-Ball

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We know—we’ve been on a temporary hiatus from the blog. Not because we haven’t been doing awesome things that we really want to write about, but rather because when we aren’t gallivanting around town, we’re working 50 hours a week. It’s awesome; it just doesn’t leave much free time for A Cruising Couple. BUT we’re […]

Day 203: Quality Sashimi


Day 200: Water Pump

Gas Pump Water

Day 198: Hsinchu Glass Museum Stir Stick

Stir Stick

Day 197: Chingchuan Hot Spring

Hot Spring

Relaxing in the 40 C Chingchuan Hot Spring.

Day 195: Pretty Flowers

Pretty Flowers

Day 190: Extreme Strawberry Picking

Extreme Strawberry Picking

Day 188: Here Comes The Sun!

Here Comes the Sun

Day 178: Recycled Taiwan Lantern

Recycled Lanterns