Taiwanese Hot Springs: The Ultimate Guide to Taiwan’s Hottest Attraction

Taiwan Hot Springs

I’m not really a huge fan of hot springs. I mean, I like them enough. They’re relaxing and rejuvenating and don’t require any physical exertion. It’s mostly that I can’t manage to stay in them longer than five minutes because of the sweat that begins to pour down my face, coupling with the steam rising off […]

Chingchuan Adventures Outside Hsinchu: Hot Springs and B-Ball

Hot Stuff

We know—we’ve been on a temporary hiatus from the blog. Not because we haven’t been doing awesome things that we really want to write about, but rather because when we aren’t gallivanting around town, we’re working 50 hours a week. It’s awesome; it just doesn’t leave much free time for A Cruising Couple. BUT we’re […]

Yellowstone: Where the Buffalo Roam (Really Close to Your Car)

Yellowstone Buffalo

Yellowstone is an amazing destination for anyone who loves getting up close and personal with nature. A popular way of getting to Yellowstone is by flying into Jackson Hole Airport and renting a car for the 56 mile drive to the south entrance of the park. With your car you are then free to explore […]