Becoming a Musher: A Day of Husky Dog Sledding

A Day of Husky Dog Sledding

It might have been Lapland’s Northern Lights that initially caught our attention, but it was the chance to go dog sledding that proved to be one of the biggest determining factors for making the trip up north.   We absolutely love huskies. How could anyone not? They’re beautiful and playful and intelligent and really just […]

An Arctic Adventure in Swedish Lapland—Part 1

An Arctic Adventure in Swedish Lapland

  “The Wilderness holds more answers to questions than we have yet learned to ask.” Nancy Wynne Newhall   I never used to be much of a ‘wilderness’ girl. Growing up I had a tent for a bit, but I would set it up in our playroom and sleep in it indoors. My first ‘real’ […]

A Moose Safari Via Icelandic Horses

A Cruising Couple Icelandic Horseback Riding

Riding Icelandic Horses through the pristine, snow-covered forests of Swedish Lapland was a magical way to begin our Arctic Adventure. The moose spottings along the way made it all the more memorable.   Since arriving in the Arctic, Dan and I have been like two small children on Christmas morning. I think it’s because despite […]

What Adventure Travel Means to Us

Fearless Curiosity

A few months ago we changed our tagline. Maybe you noticed. Or maybe you didn’t, because it’s really just a few words on our header. Either way, now you’ll find: A Cruising Couple – adventure travel with a dash of class   We decided to change our tagline when we realized that our last one […]

Adventure in the Yucatan | A Video Journey into Cenotes

A Cruising Couple Cenotes

There are over 6,000 cenotes in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. A visit to these unique bodies of water is a must, both for their alluring beauty and the insight they offer to Mayan religious beliefs. We chose to journey through four cenotes—each vastly different from the next—with Xenotes Oasis Maya. Our adventures took us kayaking, snorkeling, […]

How to Hike Corcovado National Park: The Ultimate Jungle Adventure

Corcovado National Park Beach Hike

The welcoming committee at Corcovado isn’t the kind you meet everyday.     As our boat docked on the northwestern edge of the Osa Peninsula, a group of five White Capuchin Monkeys ran out from the trees, playfully greeting us as we disembarked.  They would disappear moments later, before anyone had time to take out […]

3 Adrenaline-Pumping Adventures with The Travel Scientists

The Caucasian Challenge

It’s just you and your team members, packed into a three-wheeled automotive rickshaw. The afternoon heat has given way to monsoon rains. You still have a few more miles until you reach today’s finish line, but after a wrong turn you’re relying on the locals to point you back on track. The day’s journey has […]

Three Adventurous Things We’ve Done…And Three We Still Want To Do

Whitewater Rafting La Fortuna Costa Rica

One night we were sitting around with a handful of other couples, sipping red wine and playing card games. Eventually we got bored with the Rummy and Catch Phrase. We decided that instead it would be fun to go around and choose one word that best described each pair. Cute, intelligent, and classy were just […]

Up In The Clouds Of Monteverde, Costa Rica

Ziplining in Monteverde Costa Rica

We thought we had been zip lining before… But then we found ourselves standing on the edge of a 40-foot high wooden platform in Monteverde, Costa Rica. We quickly realized: our previous experiences were child’s play compared to this. In the midst of secondary cloud forest, we were about to soar above the trees. To […]

La Fortuna, Costa Rica: Navigating the Myriad of Adventure Activities

Whitewater Rafting La Fortuna Costa Rica

Arriving in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, we immediately found ourselves overwhelmed. This was our first stop after housesitting, where we had admittedly spent about 95% of our time indoors, glued to our computers. We were excited for a change of pace, and to get our adrenaline pumping via the outdoor adventures Costa Rica is so […]